Unfortunately, research has shown that offices are some of the dirtiest spaces out there. In fact, desks can have 400 more bacteria than a toilet! This is largely because shared devices like phones, keyboards and computer can collect thousands of germs. Consider how many of your employees have food on their desks. Maybe your employees let items collect in their office spaces when they should be discarded.

FDC Solutions cleaning services can be tailored for any space. We are skilled at scrubbing down your office from the boardroom to the bathroom. We offer customized cleaning options that put you in charge, which means you tell us what to clean, when and how.

We provide superior cleaning services for our customers. Our skilled employees regularly update their training so they can offer the best practices and techniques in the industry. If you need to impress your clients and employees, you can count on FDC Solutions. Do you want a first-class cleaning experience? Call us today.

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