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FDC Cleaning Solutions has a specialized services team trained and certified to meet the standards for medical offices, surgical clinics, hospitals, health departments, and pharmacies. We understand the importance of proper disinfecting and sanitation to control infection rates and improve the quality of patient Care. FDC Cleaning Solutions has established a continuing education program our entire surgical cleaning staff must participate in to ensure current protocol set by HIPPA, OSHA, KDHE, ASCA, Blood-borne Pathogens, and other programs are obeyed. In addition every employee must participate in a new hire class to cover confidentiality and safety mandates to ensure the privacy of your patients and staff. Operating throughout South Brunswick, NJ, we specialise in high quality and reliable surgical cleaning service across the region.

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Providing a safe, sanitary environment for hospital patients is critical. But while surgical centers are intended to be places for healing, they can also contain dangerous infection-causing microorganisms. At FDC Cleaning Solutions, we’re your partners in clean. We have the specialized skill it takes to make your facility the safest, healthiest environment possible for your patients and their loved ones.

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Surgical facilities are always at risk of cross contamination, and for that reason sanitization is crucial. Our advanced cleaning methods ensure to quality medical cleaning. FDC Cleaning Solutions maintains OSHA & HIPAA requirements for top grade cleaning results. We use eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning agents to ensure that hospitals are completely safe for the patients as well as the staff. Using advanced equipment and high-quality cleaning materials, we efficiently clean every part of the premises ensuring that no stone is left unturned. We understand that in hospital facilities no errors are tolerated, and therefore our cleaning results are always flawless.

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Our established cleaning methods are known to avoid cross contamination. The disinfectants and cleaning solutions we use are all hospital grade and are of the highest quality. With our advanced medical office cleaning services, we ensure that each part of the facility is clean and sanitized at all times. Implementing methods like flat mopping, microfiber cleaning, electrostatic dusting and HEPA vacuums we can guarantee superior results.

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We provide comprehensive sanitary solutions for primary care facilities medical center such as hospitals and surgical centers. As well as secondary health care locations such as doctors offices, urgent care locations as well as emergency medical event cleaning such as post accident, post crime and post disaster clean-up. FDC Cleaning Solutions’s team of cleaning professionals are trained to deal cleaning product in healthcare facilities in order to disinfect and clean surfaces in the most effective manner without impacting patients especially in critical care environments such as ICUs, containment centers and respiratory care centers.

Using the most up-to-date cleaning techniques and equipment and taking advantage of the extensive experience and expertise of our highly skilled surgical cleaners, we provide a truly comprehensive cleaning service to our surgery and clinic clients that is proven to get results.

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FDC Cleaning Solutions provides outpatient surgery facilities with state of the art terminal cleaning and infection control procedures in South Brunswick, NJ. Our uniformed staff understands the responsibility of terminal cleaning and the direct effects inadequate cleaning can have on patient health. For that reason we are committed to providing unsurpassed healthcare facility cleaning services to ambulatory surgery centers like yours. Contact FDC Cleaning Solutions today to learn more about our specialized services.

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