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Healthcare facilities require a level of specialty training and knowledge in order to properly address the challenges of breaking the chain of infection and cross-contamination, ensuring a higher level of safety for patients and healthcare providers and staff. At FDC Cleaning Solutions, our surgical cleaning staff are highly trained in proper surgical cleaning procedures, including terminal cleaning procedures for operation/surgical rooms, isolation rooms, plus exam rooms and public areas such as restroom and facility lobbies. ​We have serviced small single provider medical facilities as well as very large medical group facilities in Piscataway, NJ and surrounding areas.

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We focus on implementing the most innovative technology, including electrostatic spraying systems with EPA-registered disinfectants. Electrostatic spraying systems are a complementary approach to healthcare facility environmental surface disinfection methods, and provide more effective disinfection program results than traditional spray-and-wipe, fogging, or UV lighting by applying an EPA-registered disinfectant more evenly to 360 degree surfaces, penetrating more areas and providing more consistent coverage.

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​Choosing FDC Cleaning Solutions, with our advanced approach to scientifically-based aseptic cleaning, and our partnering approach to working in conjunction with the medical staff members on your team, FDC Cleaning Solutions can provide measurable reductions in removing infection organisms from your facility, improving your outcomes for recent patients, and increasing productivity with less work-related illness for your own staff.

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FDC Cleaning Solutions is continually merging new technological breakthroughs with our working knowledge of developing and administering commercial cleaning services, allowing us to combine our office cleaning services and commercial cleaning services with environmental concerns and sustainability to keep your building at its cleanest, healthiest and most compliant. Our professional surgical cleaning services provide cleaning staff for your facility who have trained in and understand Standards and Best Practices in healthcare environment cleaning.

The qualified team from FDC Cleaning Solutions are more than capable of providing superior surgical cleaning services to ensure compliance with cleaning standards in medical clinics.

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We ensure that every detail is taken care of remarkably to the greatest degree to ensure that your medical practice quality control is thoroughly met to prevent the spread of viruses, pathogens, infections, germs and bacteria. We offer the highest quality of medical cleaning services that covers any medical practitioner including dental offices, hospitals, pharmacies, health care clinics, medical labs and offices for doctors and nurses. Our tailor-made surgical cleaning services are catered specifically for your medical facility to best evaluate and minimise the level of contaminants. We track, monitor, evaluate and report the level of pollution in the air to ensure that your medical centre is safe at all times.

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Whether you need monthly surgical cleaning services or a detailed daily clean for your medical centre, FDC Cleaning Solutions can provide you with premium and affordable service that you can rely on. We custom tailor our surgical cleaning to provide you with a personalised and meticulous clean consistently. There is no surgical cleaning job that we can’t do. Simply fill in the form below and arrange a suitable time to meet with you and inspect your centre. We’ll take the time to get to know you and your medical clinic personally so that we can meet all your cleaning needs. This is just one of FDC Cleaning Solutions’ highly desirable services.

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