When it comes to surgical cleaning services, not much scares us at FDC Cleaning Solutions. That’s because we have extremely high sanitation standards, in-depth training and careful processes in place that make terminal-cleaning a breeze. Experience why so many of New Brunswick, NJ’s top hospitals count on FDC Cleaning Solutions for all of their surgery cleaning and disinfection needs. All properties, whether for lease or owned, require regular scheduled sweeping and pressure washing of sidewalks, courtyards, dock areas, dumpster areas, parking lots and garages. In conjunction with these areas, walls, eves, ceilings, railings and benches are all a part of the overall appearance and also need to be cleaned. When you meet with our surgical cleaning team, we will evaluate your facilities and provide a commercial cleaning proposal custom-fit to you needs.

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We are one of the few commercial cleaning companies to use High-Level Black Light auditing to ensure total disinfection of all surgery terminals and hospital rooms. We train all cleaning staff about high-touch points and how to properly clean them in a surgery setting. Through in-depth review and monitoring, we can guarantee that your space has been left spotless.

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When health is on the line, you want a qualified company that you can trust to put those pesky pathogens in their place. Our Certified management carries vast knowledge in microbiology, training, medical cleaning standards and surgical cleaning, all through the Association for the Healthcare Environment (AHE). The challenges that healthcare facilities pose to commercial cleaning companies in the twin cities are many. Besides the obvious issues of dirt, dust, and grime, custodial crews in the healthcare field must be mindful of infection control, mold, pollen, germs, microorganisms, allergens and more.

Our meticulous reporting practices give you the peace of mind that your physicians, patients, and staff are working in an environment that’s healthy, safe, and clean.

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Our compliance managers hold a Certificate of Mastery in Infection Prevention, or CMIP, which is a rigorous three-phase program offered by the Association for the Healthcare Environment (AHE). This course teaches around microbiology, precautionary safety measures, and infection prevention throughout all stages of disinfection. This means that our frontline is fully trained on post-op terminal cleaning, boasting some of the highest infectious control standards in the industry. FDC Cleaning Solutions is the best healthcare cleaning company in the New Brunswick, NJ area because of the leading technology our custodians use, the strict training our janitorial staff must complete, and the care with which our janitors complete their jobs.

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Our focus on specialized on-site training ensures that we address your healthcare facility’s special needs. Plus, we emphasize safety and security by requiring thorough employee screenings and training on security policies and the HIPPA Privacy Rule. Cleaning up a spill in a healthcare facility requires a different level of caution, speed, and diligence than cleaning up a spill in an office. Here at FDC Cleaning Solutions, you can rest assured that we’ll take care of your unique cleaning needs.

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FDC Cleaning Solutions is a trusted provider for surgical cleaning services in New Brunswick, NJ area hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, nursing homes, long-term care facilities, treatment centers, and more. Our highly-trained staff is certified by the IICRC, and qualified to handle all varieties of healthcare cleaning. Curious about how clean your facility actually is? We are offering free black light audits to new customers to show you just how well your current cleaning company is performing. Click the button below to get started!

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