With the number of cleaning and janitorial service companies in the market, it can be daunting to try to find one that’s reputable and safe. In the Monroe Township, NJ area you’ll find that—and more—in FDC Cleaning Solutions. With any contracting service, there are several factors to consider before you make a selection. When choosing your janitorial service, it’s important to consider four factors: insurance status, safety training, security, and employee screening. By asking the right questions, you’ll ensure that you partner with a respected, professional janitorial company that will provide you with the best service possible.

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All workers should be covered by liability insurance and workers’ compensation. Liability insurance protects you from any accidental damage that a janitorial service may cause during cleaning. Workers’ compensation provides payment for lost wages and medical care to workers who have been hurt on the job. Finally, a bond will protect you if the cleaning service fails to complete a job, meet financial responsibility, or cover the cost of your damaged property. When you meet with us, we’ll provide you with certificates of insurance so you know our policies are comprehensive and up-to-date.

Our commercial janitorial services can also meet the needs of deep-cleaning and high-level cleaning. These specialised cleaning services may include jet and pressure washing, DOFF steam cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, and upholstery cleaning.

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Safety standards and techniques are always changing, which means a responsible janitorial services company will ensure their employees go through regular training on safety material, such as safety data sheets, hazardous materials, and safe chemical handling. Any company you interview should be able to provide you a list of the chemicals that will be used at your facility. FDC Cleaning Solutions, for example, has a list of Green Seal-certified cleaners that we use to keep your building sanitized and smelling great. You can also ask for bloodborne pathogen training certificates, as prescribed by OSHA.

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Even before performing cleaning services, the janitorial company you employ should concern themselves primarily with the security of your facility. When work is in progress at your facility, it should always align with your personal security policy. If the service is provided after hours, workers must make sure all doors are properly secured and not allow building access to visitors.

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Just as you wouldn’t want a contractor without experience laying a roof on your house, you wouldn’t want an unprofessional cleaning technician servicing your places of business. Reputable janitorial services companies have policies and guidelines in place to screen every applicant before hiring, and each person should be fully vetted before being allowed to step foot at your location. Every employee should also present themselves professionally at all times.

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The highest cleaning standards are essential for health and safety and making the right impression with your visitors and workforce. Our janitorial service for all professional commercial and industrial businesses will ensure your workspaces and facilities are spotlessly clean. Our janitorial cleaning is carried out by our highly-trained cleaning team with the utmost professionalism.

We achieve the most stringent health and safety standards by using specialised cleaning products and commercial equipment. We use the best cleaning techniques to ensure you present the best business image. You can depend on FDC Cleaning Solutions to give you an outstanding service at an affordable price. Contact our team today to find out more.

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