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FDC Cleaning Solutions works hard to meet even the most stringent janitorial requirements. We ensure that our equipment and supplies are both state-of-the-art and eco-friendly. Each valued member of our skilled team is required to master janitorial cleaning techniques through our education and training programs. These ongoing programs give our janitorial staff the ability to expertly create and maintain a clean, healthy, and environmentally friendly facility for all of our clients.

FDC Cleaning Solutions: Janitorial Service in Metuchen

FDC Cleaning Solutions is an expert janitorial company providing professional cleaning services in Metuchen, NJ. FDC Cleaning Solutions provides high-quality janitorial services for secure (SCIF) facilities, commercial Class A buildings, government agencies, medical facilities, apartments, schools, and more.

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Cleaning Services:
Dust vertical, horizontal, high & low
Vacuum carpets
Dust mop, sweep, damp, & wet mop hard floor surfaces
Empty wastebaskets, replace liners, damp wipe
Glass cleaning
Sanitize fixtures & surfaces
General cleaning

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We specialize in earth-friendly techniques, with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certified facility cleaning experience since 2002. Our well-trained team at FDC Cleaning Solutions is dedicated to using our environmentally friendly program to provide the best tools, products, and services that will not only clean your facility, but also reduce the impact it has on the environment.

FDC Cleaning Solutions believes that we are greater as a whole, holding every team member accountable for a successful cleaning. We take the time to create a customized work schedule and staffing plan for each of our projects. FDC Cleaning Solutions takes on the responsibility of not only cleaning your facility, but also providing 24-hour response in case of a maintenance emergency. We work with customers who expect nothing but the best and make it our mission to exceed their expectations by providing customized, cost-effective janitorial solutions for each of our clients.

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FDC Cleaning Solutions believes that each individual member of our team is important in the success of our corporation as a whole. We train each and every one of our staff members thoroughly so that we are able to provide the best quality service. Our team is dedicated to providing expert environmentally friendly janitorial services to each and every facility that we maintain.

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We pride ourselves on having a professional, well-trained team that is skilled in environmentally friendly techniques to ensure that we are not only keeping your facility spotless, but also helping the environment along the way. We work with clients who expect nothing but the best and make it our mission to provide cleaning tools, products, and services that exceed all of their expectations.

FDC Cleaning Solutions began with a focus on government facilities and has since expanded to serve commercial and secure facilities in Metuchen, NJ. Our professional janitorial services are fully customizable, eco-friendly, and cost-effective. Our earth-friendly cleaning techniques allow us to service LEED Certified facilities. We take the time to plan and execute a cleaning solution that fits all of your company’s specific needs. Here at FDC Cleaning Solutions Maintenance Corporation, the cleanliness of your facility is always our number one priority.

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