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FDC Cleaning Solutions: Restaurant Cleaning in West Long Branch

Restaurant Cleaning
Sweep, mop and degrease floors
Clean and sanitize the restrooms
Clean, sanitize and deodorize floor mats and drains
Vacuum all carpeted areas, and remove removable gum and stains
Strip and refinish floors, using durable grease resistant non-slip floor finish
Wipe baseboards down to remove spills
Dust all agreed upon areas
All other agreed to services

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“Clean” is Important for All Restaurants
In looking at a simple overview of restaurant cleaning, provided by “Food Service” three of the most important things wanted by customers when eating at your restaurant are: (1) Good tasting quality food, (2) Good friendly and prompt service, and (3) A clean and inviting atmosphere. FDC Cleaning Solutions can’t help with the food quality, but make no mistake that a clean restaurant, and clean restrooms, makes for both a friendly happy restaurant staff, and for happy customers, too.
FDC Cleaning Solutions understands how important restaurant cleaning service is to the success of a restaurant, and it’s our desire to partner with you to reach, and maintain, that success.

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Every Restaurant is Different
Providing a high quality restaurant cleaning service can be very challenging because, except for chain restaurants, every restaurant is different. Each restaurant has its own specific cleaning needs, and each with its own budget requirements. This is the reason that it’s so essential meet with your FDC Cleaning Solutions restaurant cleaning representative, and work together to create a specifically customized restaurant cleaning proposal.

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In order for any restaurant cleaning service to operate effectively, its activities must be coordinated with the normal cleaning activities done by restaurant employees. Because of this, the cleaning responsibilities of both the in-house restaurant employees, and the responsibilities of the FDC Cleaning Solutions restaurant cleaning teams need to be clearly outlined, and understood.

The Cost of Restaurant Cleaning is an Important Factor!

The cost that a restaurant pays for a commercial restaurant cleaning company to provide its cleaning service is a very important issue for virtually every restaurant. The mistake that’s often made is that some restaurants simply hand out a pre-set cleaning schedule, and then take whoever offers the lowest possible. This may seem logical on the surface, but in practice it almost always fails because the restaurant has paid no attention to the relationship of what’s required in its predetermined cleaning schedule, and their own budget requirements.

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The situation is made worse by the fact there are many restaurant cleaning companies that will promise most anything just to get the business, but because in the cleaning business, time is money, those companies will simply cut back on the time spent doing the required cleaning schedule, leaving an unsatisfactory job. This, unfortunately, is a very common practice.

Working Together Gets the Best Results

FDC Cleaning Solutions wants to work with you to provide the exact restaurant cleaning service that fits your specific needs, and also fits within your budget, too. Our experience has taught us that the only effective way to achieve this goal is to sit down with prospective restaurant owners and/or managers, and to work together with them to customize a specific restaurant cleaning schedule that will fulfill both your needs, and your budget.

We’d love to meet with you and discuss your restaurant cleaning needs, please give us a call, you’ll be glad you did!

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