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FDC Cleaning Solutions’ restaurant and bar cleaning division has the janitorial staff, supervision, chemicals, programs, and equipment to handle the very specific cleaning needs of you restaurant or bar.

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We can clean your restaurant, cafe, night club or bar anywhere in the Spotswood, NJ area. Restaurant cleaning is almost as important as the taste of your food. If your customers are confronted with a dirty restaurant waiting area, their going to lose their appetites.

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Contact us for a FREE Green Restaurant Cleaning Estimate or to learn more about our programs designed for front of the house, back of the house, kitchen, restrooms, patios, conference centers, grills and hoods, and one time deep cleanings.

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FDC Cleaning Solutions understands that:
Cleaning often needs to be completed very late (after 2 AM) or very early (before 9 AM)
Restroom programs need to address cleanliness and odor control
Cost must be kept to a minimum without sacrificing quality
A high degree of cleanliness must be maintained in order for you to pass OSHA inspections and keep your customers

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FDC Cleaning Solutions has perfected a program to address the cleaning needs of restrooms in restaurants and bars. We can make a tremendous improvement at your establishment by executing in the following areas:
Evaluation – evaluate your facility
Special Service Recommendation – recommend special service requirement
Initial Clean – initiate cleaning program
Education – educate facility staff regarding proper cleaning techniques use of chemicals and equipment during daily operations
Implement Product Recommendations
Regular Janitorial Service – services provided by FDC Cleaning Solutions to maintain optimal cleanliness

Our goal is to provide the highest quality service. It does benefit the customer or our company to low bid an account and maintain margins by sacrificing on the quality of service. We always bid our accounts with the intention of providing the highest quality service. This means spending more time cleaning and paying our employees. The focus on quality is an effective strategy to maintain clients as evident by a 3% client attrition rate annually.

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Continued training of our janitorial professionals allows us to provide our customers with the highest quality services. Our quarterly training programs are mandatory, In addition, to training for OSHA and best practices (e.g. use and handling of chemicals, procedures for disinfection, procedures for effective vacuuming, ways to reduce vacuum emissions, preventative maintenance for hard floors, safety training specific to each procedure, health hazards of specific products, use of personal protective equipment), we try to emphasize the reasons for cleaning a certain way.

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