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With the popularity of food reality television series that features different aspects of restaurant management which includes sanitation and maintenance, more and more diners are getting more educated on restaurant standards. Just one bad review from a food blogger or just a simple dirty surface or corner posted on Instagram or YouTube that gone viral, can cause your restaurant to have a bad reputation which oftentimes lead to losing customers. This situation is something you can take control of by getting help from a professional restaurant cleaning service. Our New Brunswick, NJ restaurant cleaning crew makes sure all high touch surfaces are properly disinfected, to prevent cross-contamination and the spread of germs.

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We at FDC Cleaning Solutions want your restaurant staff to focus on their designated food station and be the best on their craft while we get your restaurant spic and span. Our team of professional cleaners is adept at all the elements of all comprehensive restaurant cleaning methods to ensure that the highest standards on sanitation are met. Our restaurant cleaning service specializes in deep cleaning from kitchens to dining areas and covers flooring, walls, and light fixtures.

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Your kitchen is the heart of your restaurant as it is where you showcase your culinary skills by delivering your best tasting and well-plated dishes. However, before turning your menu into life, it comes in a series of process from getting out of storage, to food preparation, to the cooking process before reaching its final stage which is plating. With this, multi-functional areas in the kitchen, it is likely that spreading of bacteria can happen which often times resulted to health code law violations and food poisoning.

Our highly-trained staff works around your schedule to ensure that your restaurant or kitchen will be ready for business the next day. It’s easy to get started–simply request a free estimate of our restaurant cleaning services.

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At FDC Cleaning Solutions, we understand that commercial cleaning for restaurants keeps customers and employees healthy and happy. We strive to go above and beyond industry standards. Our staff members work toward this goal through special training that focuses on food-safe cleaning. As one of our valued customers, you also receive a customized cleaning plan that accounts for all of your needs.

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Our restaurant cleaning teams understand the specific needs of the food preparation and restaurant industries. We know that your reputation and ability to do business hinge on the cleanliness of your facility. We deliver a complete clean that will impress both patrons and health officials alike. With restaurant cleaning by FDC Cleaning Solutions, it’s a breeze. Whatever level of cleaning you need, from ongoing janitorial services to the deep-clean of a restaurant kitchen hood–our complete range of restaurant cleaning services will ensure it’s taken care of.

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When you count on FDC Cleaning Solutions for restaurant cleaning and maintenance, you become a part of our family. We build strong working relationships with our customers to ensure their satisfaction. With many years of serving the New Brunswick, NJ area, we can provide a reliable, all-in-one solution. Let’s build a service plan together when you call 1-800-916-6782 or request a free estimate.

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