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It’s a high-turnover time slot with unique demands – and most stressful of all, you’re rarely there to supervise.

FDC Cleaning Solutions: Restaurant Cleaning in Manasquan

FDC Cleaning Solutions cleaning teams are thorough and swift, with the experience required to meet your high standards. We hire teams and leaders who understand that making you look good makes us all look good. Accordingly, they demand nothing less than excellence of themselves.

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Commercial Restaurant Cleaning
FDC Cleaning Solutions crews work hard to make sure your customers experience is always top-notch. We know as well as you do, that a clean and inviting restroom or lobby can make or break your guests’ experience. However, we do more than clean your guest areas. We clean kitchen and patio areas, as well. We’ll move your equipment with care and leave it exactly as you specify.

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Of course, there is more than spotless floors at stake here – there are people, too. We know our teams will often share cramped and crowded space with your own hard-working staff, and you can count on our employees having the poise and professionalism to work seamlessly with others in those situations.
That means your morning team can begin its day on the right foot – running full-speed, as usual.

Restaurant Cleaning Services Include:
• Restaurant Kitchen Hood Cleaning
• Restaurant Grill Cleaning
• Cleaning Foyer Area
• Window Cleaning
• Cleaning Restaurant Floor When Patrons Are Present
• Mirror Cleaning
• Power Scrub Ceramic Tile Areas
• Restaurant Bathroom Cleaning Schedule & Checklist
• Upholstery Cleaning
• Carpet Cleaning
• Clean Behind Kitchen Appliances
• Clean Kitchen Floor Drains

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About FDC Cleaning Solutions
FDC Cleaning Solutions specializes in commercial cleaning services:
• Restaurants
• Offices
• Post-Construction
• Real Estate Owned Properties
We adhere to the strictest quality standards and have designed our service to consistently meet and exceed that commitment to our clients.
• We monitor our services for continuous process improvement.
• We have technology in place to eliminate “no shows,” ensuring that your facility is serviced as scheduled, without exception.
• We perform regular inspections and audits to monitor service quality.
• We strive for continuous improvement with every client, no matter how large or small.

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FDC Cleaning Solutions is fully bonded and insured. We provide liability and property damage coverage, as well as employee bonding, and all other applicable forms of insurance coverage.
Our employees are vigorously screened for our clients’ protection. We require all our employees to adhere to our professional appearance standards, wear uniforms, and carry proper company identification.

Manasquan Restaurant Cleaning

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