Displaying Your Flag

United States Flag Code stipulates that as the symbol of a living country, the flag is, in and of itself, considered to be a living entity and should be properly displayed and cared for. There are numerous, precise, and specific methods outlined for display and treatment of the US flag.

Whenever the flag is flown, it should be raised briskly and lowered ceremoniously, never allowing it to touch the ground or floor. The US flag should not be flown in bad weather unless the flag is an all-weather flag. The only way the US flag is to be flown at night is if it is illuminated; otherwise it is to be taken down at sunset, and may be re-flown at sunrise.

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The US flag cannot be used to wrap around, carry, store, or deliver anything, and it should be allowed to flow freely. It is not ever to be flown upside down unless in the event of signaling an emergency. There are very strict guidelines as to how the flag is to be flown for ceremonial purposes, with specific directions for the stars to face, depending on the location, and when the US flag is flown with other flags, it is to be flown in the center position and higher than all other flags, unless it is hung with flags of other nations, in which case it is to be positioned at the same height as the others. When covering a casket, the stars should be at the head and over the left shoulder. The flag should never touch the ground or be lowered into the grave.

The American flag should never be used as clothing, bedding, or drapery, and should never be a part of a uniform; however a flag patch can be a part of an official uniform. The US flag should never be used to cover a ceiling, and should not be hung on the same staff as an advertising banner. It should not appear on napkins, boxes, or other items that are disposable, nor should it be embroidered on any objects.


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