Step by Step on How to Sell Your House Fast in Mountain View, CA

This post will give you the home-selling process step by step so you can find the answers to the most crucial queries above.

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Step One: Learn about the Local Market

  • Buyers' or sellers' market?A "buyers'" market means that sellers than buyers. A "sellers'" market means that there are more buyers than sellers. If you want to know how to sell your house fast, you should do it during the sellers' market condition so that there will be more buyers who will compete for your house. This means that you are allowed to price your home up just a little bit and you should not even worry about doing so. If it is a buyers' market, you can still get a buyer.
  • Do some research.Reading national headlines won't help you here except if we're talking about Los Angeles or the other famous cities. In Mountain View, you have to know the local news. Even if the news says that California is a buyers' market, there are houses in Mountain View that attract multiple bidders.

Step Two: Compare to Set Your Price

  • Look for a "comp."Find a house that is directly comparable to the property you are selling. Find three or more and you will know how to price your house. A "comp" or a "comparable" in the real estate world is a property with the same features as yours and preferably located in the same neighborhood.
  • Compare with the local listings.Read classified ads and check websites with real estate listings.

Step 3: Ready Your Team

You can have a "one-man team" but I know a lot of sellers who choose to work with an agent or a lawyer. Agents, as mentioned, charge a commission fee. Lawyers, on the other hand, charge per hour and this will cost you around $200 by the hour. The costs are huge, butif you can find experienced and reliable professionals, this could actually be your way to save time, money, and issues. Unfortunately, you can count on the fact that there are plenty of incompetent agents and lawyers so always take the time to review your options to avoid the mistakes in hiring.

Step 4: Beautify Your Home

Make the house look as alluring as possible before you even put it out in the market. Most of the buyers will make their decision to buy solely because your house looks great. The good news is that there usually is no need to finance a major remodeling project. Just a few touch-ups, fresh paint, and some replacements can change your home considerably.

If you think your house is ready for sale, give us your property information and we can help you with your goal on how to sell your house fast.

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