Tweetdeck changed my perception of Twitter...

One of the tools that changed my perception of Twitter was Tweetdeck, it truly defined the description of Twitter being a firehouse of information. Tweetdeck enables you to type in a search query and yields all the tweets that involve a keyword or phrase, so now I could build a list of like-minded tweeters and follow them to gain and share information.

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The first tool that I would recommend is WeFollow, what it does is asks you five categories that you are involved in and pushes a tweet out with your vanity wefollow name to let people know what your interests. We follow is a great way for building lists of like-minded people based on interests, geographic and top tags.

Many articles and retweets go over the allocated 140 characters, you must have a good catchy url shortner. I choose Bitly because it provides track backs and also analytics for a couple other tools I will mention later. Why analytics, if your retweets aren't getting read, then you're not retweeting or posting the right type content. Analytics allow you to narrow down what people are and are not interested in.

A recent app that is growing rapidly is Buffer. What it does is allows you to build a que of articles or content that you want to share, and disperse it over set thresholds of time. I try to only retweetor share supporting articles or content that is supportive of my blog and this app allows me to push that content over set thresholds instead of sharing clumps of data.

This app introduced me to SocialBro which is an app that allows you to determine the best times to tweet and reduce bloat and spam followers. The program also generates a tag cloud which features keywords that are based on the interests and tweets of your followers and friends. It allows you to delete non follow backs and inactive users rapidly. This app really has improved my overall twitter experience by letting allowing me to fine tune who I am following and eliminate spammers.

The last tool that I have been using as of recently is This app generates a reflection in the form of a tag cloud based off of your tweets and the tweets of your followers. This tag cloud is massive, with around 50 words and gives you the option of clicking on any word to see like-minded people or businesses and fine tune your followings. A great tool that once again fine tunes your Twitterexperience.

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