How to Tell if it is a Classic Car

A classic car is generally defined as an older car. However, people have come up with terms to define these older and beautifully restored cars. Some of the characteristics often used to describe them include highest quality, class or rank, one that is historical or literary renown, one that serves as a standard, guide or model and one that is of enduring quality, style or interest. Apart from that, a classic is also defined as a car that has demonstrably enduring quality.

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A narrowed down definition refers to a classic car as one that has been designed with elegant styling, fine workmanship built between 1925 and 1948 and exceptional engineering. According to the Classic Car Club of America, an antique car is a fine and extraordinary motor that was designed between 1925 and 1948. Further still, some cars that we're designed after 1948 are considered modern classics.

Generally, modern classics refer to vehicles that are older but relate to the modern cars to some degree. These are cars that are between 15 and 25 years. What is more, modern classics still refers to vehicles that are collectible not considering their age. For instance, the Porsche 944 is classified as a modern classic. Still, these cars can be separated from antiques and vintage cars due to their styling.

Therefore, some of the characteristic designs popular for this gorgeous cars include removable fenders, headlights as well as trunks. Apart from that, a vintage car has a vertical grill treatment. For instance, such large vehicles as Duensberg as well as Pierce Arrow together with small vehicles like MGTC usually have traditional lines and are considered classic. Apart from that, a CCCA is also considered a classic even though it was created within the classic period of design.

Further still, these gems can be identified by their lack of safety features. They are not designed with seat belts, rollover protection or even crumple zones. Apart from that, it is also common to find that this car has poor handling characteristics such as the steering and the suspension. In addition, the brake performance of a classic car is also poor as compared to the current brake performance standards. This means that drivers using classic cars have to be more careful while on the road. That is why some regions prohibit the use of classic cars while some only recommend rare use.

In spite of the poor safety characteristics in vintage cars, it is not common to see them involved in accidents. However, today classic car owners are recommended to retrofit their vehicles with seat belts. Therefore one can also identified classic cars with retro-style. They may have seat belts that ate color coded using chromed buckles and they may be 2 point or 3 point. Apart from that, classic cars can also be fitted with modern tires so as to enhance their handling.

In some regions, like the UK, antique cars designed earlier than January 1, 1973 are exempt from annual tax vehicle excise duty. Therefore, these cars have a historical vehicle label on their license disc on the windscreen.

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