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Marketing Syndication Tribes are the newest way to succeed in Online Marketing. People naturally join tribes; we all know that. We all know that we love the companionship and supportive comfort of our tribes. People have been part of tribes for millions of years. Its who we are. In fact we're all in multiple tribes right now. Your family is a tribe, so is the PTA Fund-Raising Committee, your Sunday school class at church, and your work group at the office. We all enjoy the benefits of tribes in almost every aspect of our lives. But in Online Marketing the concept of tribes has evaded us until now.

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Marketing Syndication Tribes bring the power of synergy to your online marketing. They also bring the power of knowledge sharing among tribe members, who are also online marketers. These tribes bring you the power of accountability and they also give you the self-assurance that someone has your back. Thats pretty powerful. But the biggest benefit of Marketing Syndication Tribes is that they can leverage your business into a better sales position you know, you'll make more money!

So what is this Marketing Syndication Tribe thing all about? First of all, it's about amplifying your marketing. Its about bringing the lively enthusiasm of true fans to bat for you in the Social Media. What do you do when you post to your blog, publish an article, load a video on YouTube, or write an entry into Facebook or even Tweet? If you're like most of us, you hope that others will pick up on it and re-tweet you and put the word out. Your post is like tossing a pebble into a mirror-still pond; the ripples spread and grow. With a tribe syndicating your post, it's like a bucket of pebbles being tossed individually into the pondeven like a truck load of them. Just imagine the ripples! Marketing Syndication Tribes get the word out fast, and potentially viral if your content justifies it.

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