Gerson Therapy Recipes

When you start to understand that all chronic disease is brought about by a combination of toxicity and deficiency. Therefore to get well again; it is essential to address and reverse both of these things.

One important essential thing to do is to remove parasites using a natural remedy such as Wormwood and Black Walnut as these parasites live off of you and you don't always know they are there they weaken you as they leach out all your vitamins and minerals and create metabolic waste and some can damage your organs! Did you know certain types of parasite are frequently discovered at the root of most cancers!

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Following Gerson Therapy Recipes will help you to replace some of the vitamins and minerals lost.

Most people are still discovering or choosing to ignore the toxins in the food we eat due to the ease of just getting whatever we want from the Supermarket without much thought into it's life cycle or process

The increasing population and the mass production for maximum profit of non-nutritious toxic food is rife in our society. We have lost connection with our spiritual roots by not growing our own food and by simply having everything (that is making us sick) available on tap; whichmeans, we have in some senses drawn the short straw and given our power away when we are trying to eat well for less and therefore our health ultimately suffers. Freezing veg takes away the majority of the nutrition as well so avoid this one all you can.

Luckily you can buy fresh organic fruit and veg in most places in the UK and this is the key to getting well again; and even though it costs slightly more it is your decision ultimately; and although organic supermarket veg is not as great as home grown it is far better than artificially grown veg. My husband and I have recently surveyed all the supermarkets and the best value for money at the moment for organic is with no doubt Tesco. For example 2 bags of organic apples containing 6 apples each at the moment you can buy 2 bags for 3.00 whereas most of the other stores cost 2.50 per bag.

Although it would be possible and better for everyone if the whole planet ate organic; especially if we used the land currently used for rearing and slaughtering animals instead for growing fresh vegetables and fruit instead which is all our bodies really need to survive. We all need to wake up, stop treating out bodies as graveyards because that is where we will end up eating this crap; and taking the cheap, easy and lazy route and take charge of our own health instead of expecting a Doctor to fix us with a chemical pill.

When we believe in the meat and two veg slogan which was told to us by our parents and their parents before them; thetoxins from this way of eating sit in our bodies and congest our livers and lymphatic systems and strangle the life out of our cells in the forms of pesticides and fungicides, preservatives, dyes, colouring and emulsifying materials as well as toxic fats, antibiotics and growth hormones consumed by the animals bred for mass slaughter.

Did I forget to mention the residues in our systems of medicines, fluoride and chlorine in our tap water we have concocted bad health for ourselves and our children from day one.

Non-organic coffee is the most sprayed crop on the planet and has been linked to cancer and we are not supposed to drink coffee as it has many harmful effects taken in the form of a beverage as opposed to Organic filtered coffee in the form of an enema. Those in the know know this but you will never hear that coffee is bad for you in the mainstream media there is more to be gained sometimes from having a sick dumb downed nation than an empowered, aware, health conscious one.

In order to get well again remember the word Organic and the key basic ingredients of the Gerson Therapy Diet; Potatoes (especially jacket potatoes); apples, carrots and lots of green veg.

However before we start getting into the detail of some of the recipes you will need to learn how to make the staple and basic recipe of the Gerson Therapy; the special Hippocrates soup as you will be required to have this at both lunch and dinner as it supports the kidneys as you cleanse the body with juices and other life-bringing foods and the rest of the diet is aimed at supporting and cleaning the liver.

How to make Hippocrates Soup

Organic Ingredients of Hipprocrates Soup

1 medium celery knob (root)

2 medium onions

1.5 lbs of tomatoes

1lb of potatoes

1 medium parsley root (if available but rarely available so may need to omit)

2 small leeks (if not available then substitute 2 more medium onions)

several cloves of garlic

Preparation of Hippocrates Soup

Make sure all the ingredients are thoroughly washed (not peeled keep the skin on for maximum nutrition) and cut into cubes, and cover with filtered water and cooked slowly (preferably on gas, /fire); with a tight fitting lid on your saucepan for 1.5 to 2 hours, then once cooked; put it through a food mill and allow only fibers and peels to remain you will see that this forms a thick creamy soup. You can store it in the fridge for about two days and the above recipe makes enough for one person for two days .

As salt is a big no no as it makes cancer cells divide and duplicate and destroys cellular health; use raw garlic when you are eating the soup to give it a bit of a kick until you get used to not eating salt.

Gerson Therapy Salads

It is of utmost importance that the Gerson Therapy patient eats as much as possible of raw vegetables in the form of salads. Salad is easier to eat if is is finely grated or chopped thinly in a food processor/

Here are the vegetables recommended for Gerson Therapy Salads

Apples and carrots (eaten together their enzymes react in a certain healing way)

All Green Lettuces





Green Onions


Green Peppers

Knob Celery



Gerson Therapy Salad Dressing

Dilute some organic red wine or apple cider vinegar with filtered water to taste. Add a little spray-dried organic cane juice (Sucanat), add herbs, onion, or garlic.


Potatoes are the main staple for the Gerson Therapy and are prioritised over commerical pasta or rice as they are in their most natural form. Pasta should be avoided because it is made out of processed flour which has no nutritional value.

Baked potatoes (or potatoes in their jackets) are considered to be the most valuable and should be used at both lunch and dinner and should rarely be replaced by organic brown or wild rice.

As potatoes can be baked, boiled in their jackets, and mashed with soup and cut up and mixed with Gerson Therapy Salad Dressing and made into a potatoe salad; they are very versatile.

Potatoes are also yummy baked in a casserole with onion, tomatoes, celery etc.

If you are treating a serious illness = after 6 10 weeks of cutting out dairy; if nonfat yoghurt agrees with you then you can make the yoghurt more interesting to eat by adding onions, chives or garlic and this is great for dressing your baked potato. Sweet potatoes can be eaten once a week.

Other Gerson Therapy Recipes

Mashed Potatoes and Chard

One bunch of chard, (green or red); wash it and shred it and put in a pan.

Then you add a small amount (4-5 tbsp.) of water or soup stock and start to boil.

When it does boil, turn it down to a simmer.

In the meantime; peel 3 or 4 large medium organic potatoes, cube and place on top of the chard.

Let it all simmer until the potatoes are soft and done.

Remove water and add 6/8 ox of nonfat yoghut, then mash it all together. If you want you can use kale instead of chard but when you use the kale removecentral stems by stripping them before shredding into the pan.

Green Peppers Gerson Style

Use 2 4 sliced green peppers and 2-4 sliced onions.

Stew them in a tightly covered pot for approximately 30 minutes without any water.

Green Chard Rolls Gerson Therapy Recipe

Use 4 leaves of green chard

2 carrots

quarter head of broccoli

2 cloves of garlic

half a cup of rice uncooked

a quarter head of cauliflower

2 small courgettes, 1 ear of corn and 1 and a half tomatoes.

As always; wash the vegetables well, place the chard leaves in hot water long enough to wilt them so they will bend.

Cut the other vegetables into small pieces and put them in a pan with a little bit of water to boil on a low heat. When they are cooked, drain of the water and make a sauce in the blender with the tomatoes and garlic and pour this on top of the vegetables and raw rice.

Then place some of the vegetables/rice mixture in the center of each leaf and roll them up. Put these in a baking dish with a lid and bake in the oven for 1 to 1.5 hours at gas mark 1 or 2.

Very scrummy!

Sugars and Sweetners

Ensure you only use organic brown sugar, maple syrup, organic light honey or unsulfured molasses to sweeten thing, and only up to 2 teaspoons a day of all combined sweetners and this is only when hypoglycemia and/or diabetes are not present.

Herbal Teas

Along with your freshly pressed juice there are some herbs teas that are recommended such as peppermint to help aid digestion and chamomile tea which is soothing; valerian tea is also allowed as it can aid sleep. Tahebo or pau d'arco is a very valuable anti-cancer tea and can be taken in any quantity at night.


8 ounces of orange juice

large portion of oatmeal with choice of fruit sauce

organic 100% rye bread, must be unsalted and fat free toasted and spread with honey


Salad containing many raw mixed ingredients

8 ounces of warm Hippocrates special soup

8 ounces of apple carrot juice in combination

baked potato with yoghurt dressing when permitted

freshly cooked vegetables

raw or stewed fruit


Salad containing many rax mixed ingredients

8 ounces of warm Hippocrates special soup

8 ounces of apple carrot juice in combination

baked potato with yoghurt dressing when permitted

freshly cooked vegetables

raw or stewed fruit

Try not to get Bored

To help you from getting bored with the above organic combinations; we suggest that you vary meals by using different vegetables, anda variety of methods for preparing potatoes; different kinds of salads; et. Organic brown rice may be served once a week. Organic sweet potatoes may be served once a week.

Remember hourly you will also be taking the rest of the 13 8 ounce juices for the day.

If you are very ill you will need to stick to everything here like glue; if you wish to enhance, improve and overall strengthen your health you can do a variation of this regime to suit your time, energy and budget.

Good luck and Iwill be posting up more Gerson Therapy Recipes soon. Love to hear from you x

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