Proven Tips To Prevent Your Multi Tool Knife From Rusting

Whether you have a pocket knife or a different multi tool knife, you've got to be wary of even the slightest bit of rust on it.

Rust can also cause skin irritation and contamination especially if you're using your knife in food preparation. Now you may be asking why anyone would use it in preparing food. A good answer is during survival situations. To increase your chances of survival you need to have a reliable, clean and rust free multi tool knife.

The thing is, even if a knife manufacturer says that their knife is stainless steel, it's not to say that the knife is rust free FOREVER. Stainless steel knives (or any kind of metal) are VERY RESISTANT to rust but they aren't really rust proof.

Now that we have that squared away, let's talk about the things that you can do to prevent your multi tool knife from rusting.

  • Clean your multi tool thoroughly

Wipe and clean it after use or when needed. Usually oxidization and rust starts at areas that are hard to clean like pivot points, locking mechanism and inside the handle.

You can remove the dust and debris that has accumulated by using a brass or copper bristle brush or toothpick. If you have access to a can of compress air, you can blow off any rubbish and particles to ensure that all areas and parts are cleaned.

If your knife was exposed to sea water you need to wash it with fresh water and soap. The salt in sea water is a catalyst of rust and oxidization that's why you see boats coated in corrosion resistant coatings.

If you see signs of rust remove it immediately spray some WD-40 or any other rust loosening product then scrub it with rust removal pad.

Do not use materials that may scratch it like coarse sand paper and steel wool.

  • Wipe the multi tool knife if it gets wet

This prevents further oxidation from happening. The longer your multi tool knife stays wet, the more chemical reaction happens.

Be sure to wash it off with tap water or hot soapy water then wipe it off. When wiping, be sure to include the handles and the moving parts as well. You then have to apply oil coating on the knife to prevent rusting.

  • Keep your knife dry

Hold on! Wiping is different from keeping your knife dry. Keeping your knife dry is one of the most important ways to prevent rust and oxidization especially if you're living in humid or tropical countries.

Do not stow your multi tool unless you are very sure that it is free from water or any liquid. The best way of doing it is to let it dry under the sun for a couple of minutes or until it's thoroughly dried.

If you're not planning to use it for a long time do not store in a pouch or leather sheaths. Pouches can accumulate moisture but may vary depending on the type of material that was used to manufacture it. Tanning solution in leather sheaths can also contribute to rusting and oxidization.

  • Apply grease or oil to act as an insulation layer between the air and the knife

Especially when you aren't using it, you need to apply grease or oil on your knife. One of the best things that you can use is mineral oil.

A lot of knife enthusiasts prefer using mineral oil when coating their knife to prevent rust.

Alternatively, if your knife isn't used in food handling you can use Break Free CLP. Its a preservative and cleaner lubricant that's been used by the military for years. You can get it from gun stores or even from Walmart.

The grease and oil is proven to work since it acts as a barrier between the moist air and the metal.

  • Place a small block of Camphor on the drawer where you store your knife

Not many know about Camphors effects on knives but it's an effective chemical to prevent rust.

You just have to place a block of Camphor on your knifes storage drawer and itll then do it's trick.

If you're looking for a way to make your knife storage area rust proof then using Camphor is what you need.

These tips will help prevent your multi tool knife from rusting fast. As I mentioned, your knife rusting may be inevitable but you sure can prevent it from happening fast. The tips above will do just that!

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