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By outsourcing your medical cleaning and hospital cleaning services, you can assure high marks on “cleanliness of the hospital environment” on your next HCAHPS survey. FDC Cleaning Solutions provides the most effective Hospital Cleaning Services in South River, NJ.

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Our goal is to provide healthy and clean healthcare facilities to ensure the well-being of your patients, visitors and employees alike. A clean South River, NJ hospital will instill a sense of trust with patients and their families and it’s what your patients will remember when completing the HCAHPS survey. The right Medical Cleaning Solution can enhance your overall reputation with patients and staff. Contact FDC Cleaning Solutions today to learn how we can help keep your medical facility clean, safe and welcoming.

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We are a South River, NJ-based cleaning company offering a variety of janitorial, building maintenance and painting services. We help facility managers balance the need for high-quality service with the fiscal realities of tight budgets. FDC Cleaning Solutions provides you with professional, customer-focused business practices you can count on.

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As well as being ISSA CIMS GB certified, we are also in compliance with all federal healthcare regulations, including those set by OSHA, CDC and CMS. Our employees are trained extensively in OSHA, HIPAA and Bloodborne Pathogens compliance, and they are all certified. Rest assured, the FDC Cleaning Solutions staff we place in your facility will be professional, knowledgeable and well-trained in all aspects of your medical facility’s operations.

We train our staff on best practices in healthcare facilities in order to limit risk and reduce disease-causing pathogens in your healthcare facility. We work tirelessly to ensure your facility is properly disinfected and sanitized for every person who passes through.

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Our customers are the motivation behind many of our innovations, including the 10-Minute Response Guarantee, Open Book Pricing and Open Book Inspections. FDC Cleaning Solutions takes great pride in being a learning organization. We take every opportunity to improve, from formal training sessions (which all employees attend regularly), to industry seminars, to lessons learned through our mistakes.

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Enthusiastic people are passionate about their work and they go the extra mile to help customers, managers and coworkers. Here at FDC Cleaning Solutions, we believe work should be a fun place where people want to go to interact with each other and learn together. We don’t just tell our staff that they are appreciated, we show them! Programs like Open Book Management help us retain a professional, happy crew. There is no task too small or unimportant for FDC Cleaning Solutions to tackle. In fact, we often take care of the small details before clients even notice the problem.

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