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In the healthcare industry, patient care and satisfaction are extremely important and they start with the quality of the care as well as the facility.

It is crucial for healthcare providers to maintain a clean and sterile environment in their facilities. If you hire a vendor to handle the cleaning of your healthcare facility, you will want a trusted company that can provide quality work that reflects well on you.

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FDC Cleaning Solutions provides healthcare cleaning services in Middletown Township through our Patient-Centered Cleaning Program (PCCP). This program was developed to provide specialized healthcare cleaning for several different types of healthcare facilities and medical surgical that follow CDC, JCAHO, and HIPAA regulatory standards.

Patient satisfaction is at the center of our PCCP program and we make sure that our technicians have been highly trained to safely and effectively clean a variety of healthcare facilities and medical offices, including physician offices, medical surgical clinics , dentist offices, and outpatient, surgery, and urgent care centers.

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Each of our technicians undergoes training on how to clean specific healthcare environments as well as create unique care plans to meet the needs of each facility. We are committed to providing the best possible healthcare cleaning services that address the major concerns of the industry such as infection control and patient satisfaction.

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FDC Cleaning Solutions uses the most powerful and effective cleaning products and equipment including EPA-registered hospital grade disinfectants, disposable surface wipes, and vacuum and sweeping tools to remove dirt and debris from the floors. We guarantee that our cleaning products and procedures meet the recommendations of the CDC, APIC, OSHA, and AORN so that your facility will be compliant.

Our healthcare cleaning services are effective for the following areas:
• Exam Rooms: We clean all exam room surfaces and floors with disinfectants to remove germs left behind by patients and prevent cross contaminations.
• Nurses Stations: Nurse Stations may carry germs throughout the facility, we can disinfect these stations to prevent exposure and cross contamination.
• Labs and Ancillary Testing Areas: Cross contamination can happen in these testing areas. We will clean high touch point areas and the floors with a disinfectant to prevent cross contamination.
• Patient Waiting Areas: Patients who are waiting to see a doctor can leave germs in this area and spread them to others. We do general cleaning and disinfecting of waiting areas to ensure that they are safe.
• Operating Rooms: Operating rooms must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each shift. We will clean all surfaces as well as the pre-operation and post operation care areas for disinfection and infection control.
• Isolation Room Cleaning: Isolation rooms are used for patients with highly infectious diseases, making it very important to clean and disinfect these areas. We focus on infection control when cleaning these areas to protect patients and healthcare workers from infection.
• Dialysis Center: We can effectively clean and disinfect dialysis centers and help reduce HAIs and surgical site infections.

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If you are a healthcare provider in the Middletown Township, contact FDC Cleaning Solutions to learn more about our healthcare cleaning services through our PCCP program. FDC Cleaning Solutions has over 50 years of experience cleaning healthcare facilities, medical offices and we will make sure to meet your specific needs to produce a clean and sterile environment. You can call us any time at 1-800-916-6782 to learn more about our healthcare cleaning and medical office cleaning services.

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