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FDC Cleaning Solutions is the service provider that Middlesex, NJ area medical clinics, offices and healthcare providers call. We know how important it is to keep your medical facility spotless clean and we take that seriously. We use specially formulated chemicals and procedures for healthcare facilities making sure that high cleanliness standards are maintained at all times and that there’s virtually no chance for cross-contamination from our efforts. Each practice has special needs and we tailor our cleaning programs to meet those need. We have a menu of environmentally-friendly chemicals, consult regularly with consultants regarding chemical compositions, and stay up-to-date with advancing developments in this important industry.

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Whether it’s a surgery center, a dental practice, a cardiologist’s office or a provider of durable medical equipment, we are the preferred cleaning service provider for medical service providers in Middlesex, NJ area. A medical facility is no place for bacteria and germs! At FDC Cleaning Solutions, we adhere to strict standards implemented by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Our hospital-grade cleaning products and disinfectants leave your facility clean and sanitized. Our medical cleaning services in Middlesex, NJ ensure a deep clean every time!

Our experienced professionals proudly offer hospital, surgical center, and medical facilities cleaning in Middlesex, NJ. Our trained cleaning specialists use color-coded microfiber cloths to prevent cross contamination of various surfaces within your facility.

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By using FDC Cleaning Solutions for your medical cleaning services in Middlesex, NJ, you’ll know that your physicians, patients and staff are all operating in the safest and cleanest environments possible. Our technicians comply with standards implemented by the Joint Commission and medical authorities, including CDC, OSHA, and AORN.

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Our cleaning solutions include
Hospital-strength disinfectants
Cross-contamination prevention via flat mops & micro-fiber cloths
Restroom sanitization
Green cleaning solution
Floor maintenance
Odor control and disease prevention

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We customize our hospital cleaning in Middlesex, NJ to meet your needs. Technicians from FDC Cleaning Solutions can provide surgical center, medical facility, or hospital cleaning in Middlesex, NJ on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, depending upon your needs. We ensure that contaminated surfaces and items are sanitized while preventing viruses and bacteria from endangering your medical professionals, personnel, and patients.

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For truly customizable medical facilities cleaning in Middlesex, NJ, we welcome special instructions or areas to focus on that may need extra attention at your facility. Our professional cleaning crew is happy to lend our expertise! From surgical suites and lobbies to carpeting and restrooms, our crews provide a deep clean that sets everyone in your facility at ease.

Call on the cleaning specialists from FDC Cleaning Solutions to provide thorough medical facility cleaning in Middlesex, NJ.

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