Our mission is to provide the highest quality in medical surgical cleaning services by staying on top of the latest, safest and best processes so you can focus your time on the things that matter most.

FDC Cleaning Solutions: Medical/Surgical Center Cleaning in Little Silver

FDC Cleaning Solutions was founded in 2005 on the basis of hard work and a commitment to providing the best quality in medical surgical cleaning services.

We learned the value of hard work at the age of 15 when he took a part-time cleaning job because he hated being told “We don’t have any money” by his parents when he wanted something. He learned that if he worked quickly and thoroughly, he could double his income in the same amount of time, and eventually decided to open his own cleaning company because he enjoyed seeing the fruits of his labor and creating happy customers.

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He found that cleaning is a science – knowing how to select the right time, processes and tools are critical for doing the job right. Without proper education and training you may end up making harmful and costly mistakes. The crew at FDC Cleaning Solutions is continually educated on the latest, safest and best processes for ensuring your home or office provides a safe, healthy and happy environment.

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There are many regulations governing the cleaning and sanitation of healthcare facilities. Healthcare consumers are also increasingly aware of the necessity for rigorous decontamination practices. Since facility-related infections now account for almost two million annual patient cases, it has never been more important for healthcare facilities to employ properly trained and equipped cleaning staff.

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Keeping Little Silver Healthcare Facilities Clean
When servicing any facility, FDC Cleaning Solutions’ first priority is to provide the highest level of decontamination through advanced and effective surface cleaning and specialized cross-contamination prevention methods. Our staff is carefully trained to keep healthcare facilities safe, sanitary, and healthy for your patients and your staff.

Anti-bacterial medical surgical cleaning methods differ from those applied in an ordinary work or home environment. FDC Cleaning Solutions technicians follow a strict cleaning and sanitization regimen in health care units, medical offices and all health-related facilities. Our cleaning products are EPA approved and safe for all common and critical care areas. Customized cleaning plans are specially devised for each location to ensure safety as well as effectiveness.

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Cleaning Protocols for Healthcare Locations
As part of its certified sanitation services in any medical setting, FDC Cleaning Solutions uses precise color-coding procedures to control and eliminate bacterial transmission, advanced microfiber cleaning technology for wiping and mopping and cleaning procedures precisely devised for the healthcare industry.

FDC Cleaning Solutions is the cleaning company that is most trusted by Little Silver medical professionals.

Contact us for further information at 1-800-916-6782.

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