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FDC Cleaning Solutions provides commercial and residential cleaning services bringing a high level of professionalism, courtesy and attention to detail to every job, every time. We take care of cleaning so you can focus on your priorities.

FDC Cleaning Solutions, commercial and residential cleaners have earned a reputation for being a high-quality cleaning company because we hire carefully, provide thorough training and follow-through to make sure you’re pleased with our work.

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Our reputation for high quality has been earned through attention to detail.
By working with clients, we establish a service program customized to their requirements.

Keyport Medical Surgical Cleaning
Keep your medical building clean inside and out with FDC Cleaning Solutions professional medical surgical cleaning services.

Best Medical/Surgical Center Cleaning in Keyport, New Jersey

At FDC Cleaning Solutions, we understand the importance of proper sanitation techniques in order to prevent the spread of disease. We go to great lengths in order to train our employees how to clean and sanitize high contact surfaces. Sound Cleaning is in compliance with OSHA & WISHA Regulations.

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Who does the medical surgical office cleaning ?
We use highly motivated cleaning associates that undergo a strict training program. In addition, our Field Supervisors perform quality control, training and deep cleaning visits on site on a regular basis. It will be the same individual or team that will get to know your office and cleaning specifications.

We offer on-going cleaning services, operatory and treatment room cleaning, surgery center cleaning, dusting, restroom & staff lounge sanitation, garbage and recycling services, vacuuming, deep cleaning, air duct cleaning, carpet cleaning, window washing, pressure washing, floor stripping, waxing, tile and grout cleaning, ultrasonic blind cleaning and more! We will customize a cleaning program based on your needs. From there, we customize a package for you that is broken down according to the type of cleaning and frequency.

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Ongoing cleaning services are typically provided on a daily or weekly schedule whereas deep cleaning such as window washing, carpet cleaning and floor care could be weekly, monthly, quarterly or as needed.

Prices can vary based on size and frequency. Call us at 1-800-916-6782 for an online estimate form or email us for a free customized estimate. We use highly motivated employees that we train personally. It will be the same individual or team that will get to know your office and cleaning specifications.

Keyport Medical Surgical Cleaning

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