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If you operate a medical office or healthcare facility, it’s critical that you find a commercial cleaner that can meet the rigorous cleaning requirements of the healthcare industry. At FDC Cleaning Solutions of Freehold Borough, we work with a specialized medical office cleaning program, which has been specifically designed to provide the in-depth cleaning that healthcare facilities in Freehold Borough need.

FDC Cleaning Solutions: Medical/Surgical Center Cleaning in Freehold Borough

These services are available for a number of different types of medical offices in the local area, as well as those in other communities in Freehold Borough. Keep reading for details about the range of medical facilities that our cleaning services can accommodate.

Medical Surgical Cleaning for Your Facility in Freehold Borough

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No matter what type of health care center you run comprehensive disinfection and detailed cleaning is key. After all, it’s your responsibility to provide your staff members and patients with a hygienic environment for healthcare procedures.

Best Medical/Surgical Center Cleaning in Freehold Borough, New Jersey

With our medical office cleaning services from JAN FDC Cleaning Solutions of Freehold Borough, you can have confidence that you’re maintaining a sanitary facility in Freehold Borough that meets the rigorous requirements of regulatory agencies such as the Joint Commission, OSHA, AORN, and CDC.

Here are just a few of the healthcare-related facilities that our team of professional cleaners can serve:
• Nursing homes
• Rehabilitation centers
• Hospitals
• Doctors’ offices
• Medical clinics
• Urgent care centers
• Dentists’ and orthodontists’ offices
• Testing centers

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What to Expect from Our Medical Surgical Cleaning Services in Freehold Borough

You can expect FDC Cleaning Solutions program to cover a wide range of medical surgical cleaning needs. We’ve designed our cleaning process to take every detail into account, including cross-contamination prevention and improvement of your facility’s indoor air quality. Our cleaning team always comes prepared with the FDC Cleaning Solutions Technics suite of technologies to provide you with the high-quality results that you need to run a safe and effective healthcare center.

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In addition to the detailed cleaning of FDC Cleaning Solutions, our team at FDC Cleaning Solutions of Freehold Borough also offers wall-to-wall disinfection with our exclusive system, EnviroShield.

EnviroShields non-toxic formula eliminates 99% of bacteria and viruses on contact and has been given the EPA’s highest rating for safety. Since it’s applied with an innovative misting applicator, EnviroShield easily treats even hard-to-clean surfaces like fabrics, carpets, and keyboards.

For more information about how our medical office cleaning services can benefit your healthcare facility in Freehold Borough, contact FDC Cleaning Solutions of Freehold Borough at (239) 482-8800 to schedule a free cleaning consultation.

Freehold Borough Medical Surgical Cleaning

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