Just because a hotel room looks spic-n-span doesn’t necessarily make it so. In fact, research and anecdotes suggest that legitimately clean hotels may be the exception to the rule. Anyone in the industry knows that hotel cleaning becomes impossible if spend hours scrubbing and spraying down every nook and cranny in the guest’s rooms. That being said, you might be surprised to discover that so-called clean rooms have some dirty secrets. And those secrets are everywhere – hiding on pillows, buried in sheets, strewn across the bathroom counter, even lurking in the glasses that your valued customers drink from. Our hotel cleaning services are know for the highest degree of customer satisfaction and we do not close our contracts until you are 100 percent satisfied.

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Knowing how to clean a hotel room is paramount. Uncleanliness in hotel rooms can be pose legitimate threats to the health of your guests. Germs, dirt and mold creep into unseen crevices like air-conditioning but they also hide in plain sight, like on remote controls and telephones. Hotel rooms can be breeding grounds for staph, E.coli (in layman’s terms, feces) and MRA which can be deadly, along with other unsavory and dangerous germs.

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Typical hotel cleaning staff are not expertly trained and are not equipped with the tools they need to actually make guest rooms clean. Frequently touched spots like telephones, light switches and faucet knobs host pathogen parties. Countertops and bathtubs are frequently cleaned with chemicals and only wiped down afterwards. Many times, hotel cleaning staff do the wiping with towels used to wipe toilet seats, sink taps and countertops, making cross-contamination a serious issue.

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When it comes to cleaning a hotel room, timing is a serious concern. Hotels never close, creating a need to clean at all sorts of hours. Furthermore, guests have a tendency not to check out of hotels at the proper time, meaning that you will have to keep your cleaning crew for longer than planned. Hotel cleaners need to be trained properly. While thousands of busy guests enjoy hotel amenities, employees have to be conscious of not disturbing the guest experience. A dependable cleaning crew is hard to find. Turnover rate in the typical housekeeping department is remarkably high. Occupancies are cyclical, meaning that sometimes there are too many staff while other times there aren’t enough.

Our hotel cleaning technicians have been expertly trained before they step foot in your establishment. We not only ensure that your hotel is cleaned for aesthetics, we clean for health as well.

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We bring our own industry leading equipment to you, and take measures to keep dangerous germs and pathogens in check. For example, our professional commercial-grade disinfectants are more effective than typical cleaning products used in hotels. We also come with color-coded towels to prevent cross contamination. Beautifying your hotel with these one time services exponentially increases aesthetic appeal, but is also an investment in the life of your building. Many cleaning services, if not attended to correctly, can turn into permanent eyesores or even worse, put the safety and health of your employees and customers at risk.

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Whether you are looking for a full time housekeeping crew, cleaning technicians to fill in gaps that occur in the hotel housekeeping cycle, or to clean the public areas in your venue, we’ve got you covered. Unlike other cleaning companies, our employees realize that they are the face of your hotel, even though they are working through us. When you work with us, you can expect that our team are expertly trained cleaning technicians with practical experience.
Cleaning with top of the line, professional cleaning tools supplied by us. Personable cleaning technicians that act as an extension to your property. Supervised cleaning that will be checked for quality. Dependable service. Every job, no matter how big or how small will be attacked with gusto.

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