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The cleanliness of a hotel is most important to your guests and the key selling factor. Without any doubt, the presentation of your hotel reception area and hotel rooms is extremely important to your reputation as a hotelier. Because a hotel is a very specific type of business, our experience is the defining factor that makes our results exceed customers’ expectations.

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We perform our cleaning duties in a discreet way, without disturbing your guests and employees. Our approach to the hotel industry is mainly characterized by high flexibility – we adapt services to individual customer needs and the number of cleaning staff is set depending on the season. We assure you that we will leave your customers with a positive and pleasant hotel experience.

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FDC Cleaning Solutions specializes in janitorial services to all types of facilities including fitness centers, corporate offices, medical buildings, industrial facilities, and retail stores. These services are available to you 24 hours a day.

Our staff of fully trained supervisors, porters and janitorial crews is one of the most expertly trained in the West Long Branch office cleaning industry. We incorporate State of the Art cleaning equipment into our operations so that every job is completed with the utmost technology but at minimal cost to you. Technology drivers reduce labor cost, effectively allocate manpower and minimize inefficient use of supplies. Such approach helps us control our costs and at the same time improves quality control and provides safety, security, and continuity of janitorial service on every job site.

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How Do We Work?
At FDC Cleaning Solutions we believe that customer service is our number one priority. One thing that sets us apart from other companies is a direct contact with our sales representatives constantly. This gives accountability from the person you originally contacted that everything discussed in negotiating your business will be reinforced. Quality control inspectors’ working day and night also ensure top quality service.

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Our Commercial Hotel Cleaning Philosophy
To grow and improve our performance, we build long term lasting relationships and provide strong client services. We go beyond cleaning specifications and this approach gives you whatever you need, whenever you need it. Every day is as important to us as our first day on the jobsite and our consistency also helps in setting us apart from others.

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FDC Cleaning Solutions believes that image is everything. We know and understand how crucial a well-maintained facility is to both your business success and our reputation. We welcome the opportunity to add your company to our list of satisfied clients.

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