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Whether you operate a multi-national hotel chain or a local hotel, you need to take considerable care where health, hygiene and cleanliness are concerned. Keeping your hotel rooms clean and tidy not only guarantees that you will be within the industry’s standards but can also help you establish a base of patrons. At FDC Cleaning Solutions, our hotel cleaning services are designed to provide you with a clean, safe environment your guests deserve, all while saving you time and money. From cleaning and washing entire rooms including windows, walls and balconies to changing and making up bedsheets, we have a vast deal of experience cleaning hotels of all sizes- and we know all about the work that will need to be done at your venue. You can trust that our expert hotel cleaners will bring their years to experience to your hotel, ensuring that it always looks pristine for your customers.

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At FDC Cleaning Solutions, we understand that your schedule is different from any other hotel. Your cleaning needs are likewise unique. Because of that, we are proud to offer industry-leading customization and flexibility you won’t find with any other hotel cleaning service. Our maids will come at your scheduled timing and will thoroughly clean your hotel rooms according to your needs and requirements. We have vast experience in hotel cleaning, from small boutique hotels, inns and up to much larger hotels. This means our maids can provide a comprehensive service and have the experience in cleaning all those aforementioned establishments.

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At FDC Cleaning Solutions, we understand that a clean facility can keep customers returning year after year, and helps promote word of mouth recommendations for your hotel, which is the reason why we go above and beyond in terms of ensuring that our hotel cleaning service is the most reliable and hassle-free around. With our high-quality and affordable hotel cleaning services, a myriad of clients have already fallen in love with our services and we will make sure that you will too.

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FDC Cleaning Solutions ensures that the hotel is free of germs and dust, and can customize services based on the request of the hotel (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.). FDC Cleaning Solutions ensures that the hotel remains hygienic and the guests feel the high standards the hotel maintains. Not only does this create benefits to the guests, it also helps in increasing the lifetime of the property and fittings. FDC Cleaning Solutions will use different methods of cleaning and tools depending on the surfaces, the fittings, the size, the shape, etc. We also specialize in carpet cleaning and hard floor care including stripping and waxing and marble maintenance and restoration. You will be completely satisfied with the results we provide.

Only the most highly trained, experienced contractors should be hired. At FDC Cleaning Solutions, we provide extensive training and education for all of our hotel cleaning team members, ensuring that they are intimately familiar with cleaning equipment, tools, supplies, legal requirements and more.

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If you think that hotel cleaning is only for the benefit of the guest, then you are wrong. In fact, by maintaining it clean all the time, the life of the property, as well as the things in it, would be prolonged. The rooms of the hotel are not the only ones that need a thorough cleaning, for the entire hotel needs proper cleaning. Besides, there are different methods of cleaning it, and it also depends on what kind of surface is required to be cleaned. The one doing it should also have the right tools and equipment to get the job done right.

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FDC Cleaning Solutions understands that your schedule is different from any other hotel. Your cleaning needs are likewise unique. Because of that, we’re proud to offer industry-leading customisation and flexibility you won’t find with any other hotel cleaning service. We are happy to provide hotel cleaning services on your schedule, whether that’s in the morning, the afternoon or at night during off-hours – whenever it presents the least disruption for your hotel. Our flexibility allows us to offer a customised cleaning scheme for each client, based strictly off your specific needs, goals and expectations.

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