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Servicing hotel and lodging facilities throughout the Little Silver area for over 18 years, FDC Cleaning Solutions fully comprehends how vital it is for an establishment to maintain a virtuous and sanitary environment for hotel guests. When you hire FDC Cleaning Solutions to perform their superior hotel cleaning services for your establishment, your hotel guests will discover a thoroughly cleaned and organized environment, which will assure that they will enjoy their stay to the fullest and garnish positive reviews for your business.

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As a proprietor of a lodging facility, you are fully aware of how competitive the hotel business can be in the San Diego area, and how maintaining a clean and healthy environment for your guests will be a top priority in order to gain an edge on the competition. With all of the online reviews that are easily assessable online, it is critical to make a positive first impression on your guests by ensuring that the lobby and common areas have clean floors, sanitized countertops, and are free of debris and any signs of grime.

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When you hire the Janitorial Professionals at FDC Cleaning Solutions to maintain your common and dining areas, you will give your hotel employees additional time to dedicate towards providing hospitality services for your guests. In this day and age, providing a top-notch temporary living experience to your guests is vital in order for your business to thrive.

A series of negative online reviews can have substantial impact on your occupancy rates. By hiring FDC Cleaning Solutions to perform our professional janitorial services, you can rest assured that your guest’s experience will not be dampened by a dirty or unhygienic domain.

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FDC Cleaning Solutions can provide straightforward or specialized ongoing hotel cleaning services for all areas of your establishment, including the restaurant bar, bathroom, kitchen, dining areas, outdoor, and common areas. The following is a list of some of the most popular janitorial maintenance services we can provide for our current list of hotel and restaurant clients.

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• Carpet Cleaning, Vacuuming and Deodorizing: We will perform a full inspection and evaluation of the current condition of your carpets, oriental rugs, area rugs, upholstery, and drapery. We will utilize the most modern cleaning machinery and high-quality products, in combination with our experienced and professionally trained cleaning crew to ensure that your carpets and rugs will be spotless and can be used for many years to come.
• Tile and Vinyl Floor Cleaning: The condition of your flooring will have a major impact on the first impressions of your customers as they enter your establishment. By hiring FDC Cleaning Solutions to maintain your tile or vinyl flooring, your customers will believe that facility is brand new. FDC Cleaning Solutions furnishes a full-scope of floor refinishing services including deep vinyl tile floor cleaning, stripping, waxing, buffing and sealing.
• Upholstery and Drapes Cleaning: The furniture within your hotel is a large investment so it is very important for you to offer protection by hiring FDC Cleaning Solutions to perform upholstery cleaning services. We will perform a full inspection and evaluation of your furniture and drapes and then create custom cleaning schedule that will greatly enhance the image and cleanliness of your establishment.
• Kitchen, Dining & Bar Areas: Our dining and bar area cleaning services involve; vacuuming carpeted areas, sweeping and mopping floors, cleaning exhaust fans, ducts and filters, grease Filter & trap Cleaning, deep steam cleaning, clean and sanitize dining areas, front entrances and bar area,
• Windows: Daily or scheduled full window cleaning, including wiping down of window frames, tracks, and ledges. Removal of cobwebs, bugs, and debris from screens.

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When you hire FDC Cleaning Solutions to conduct our superior San Diego hotel janitorial services for your establishment, we make a strong effort to perform our cleaning duties without disrupting your guest’s stay. Contact FDC Cleaning Solutions today at 1-800-916-6782 to schedule a free consultation and estimate!


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