Hospitality Superior cleaning results with less guest disruption.

Clean and comfortable facilities for you and your guests
As your cleaning partner, FDC Cleaning Solutions can help you improve your hospitality cleaning business and increase staff productivity, offering superior cleaning results with less guest disruption.

FDC Cleaning Solutions: Hospitality Cleaning in Rumson

Superior cleaning results with less guest disruption

We know you compete for every guest and that first impressions are vital.
To assure the comfort and contentment of your guests and staff, you work to achieve the highest level of cleanliness in your facility, and you carefully consider the health, air quality, safety and environmental effects of your cleaning practices.

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FDC Cleaning Solutions’ revolutionary and patented floor care solutions can help you reduce water and chemical consumption, improve indoor air quality and reduce the overall environmental impact of your floor cleaning.

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FDC Cleaning Solutions advantages for hospitality cleaning

• A wide range of vacuum cleaner models with certified HEPA filtration
• Reduce water and chemical consumption with FDC Cleaning Solutions Eco flex, minimizing environmental impact
• Save labor by scrubbing floors clean and drying them in one pass
• Hybrid and ePower technologies: industry-first technology reduces fuel consumption by up to 50% and doubles runtime
• Quiet machines allow for daytime cleaning, lowering the cost to clean
• Increase safety and reduce risk by minimizing chemical fumes, slippery floors and slip-and-fall accidents

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Satisfying the hospitality industry, and your guests, for over 100 years

FDC Cleaning Solutions floor and surface cleaning equipment is used at facilities large and small – from world-class entertainment venues to luxury hotels, casinos, cruise lines, sports complexes, amusement parks and convention centers.

• Whatever the needs of your hospitality-based facility, FDC Cleaning Solutions’ commitment to superior value, reliability and efficiency is found in everything we make and everything we do.

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Intelligent cleaning
We wish to drive industry innovation by fundamentally changing the way we clean. In 2016, we introduced The Horizon Program, our long-term innovation strategy, which focuses on developing intelligent cleaning offerings to make our customers’ businesses smarter.

We monitor new technologies and trends and we validate them through customer insights. Our product development is structured around the themes we most strongly believe will benefit our customers business.

Here are some of the themes:

• Collect, consolidate, and make data available, so that cleaning can be performed “intelligently”
• Introduce autonomous cleaning to provide productivity gains and consistent quality of clean.
• Empower cleaners through smart interactions
• Develop value-added services and insights, i.e. digitalized services and data driven recommendations on the best possible cleaning regime.

Global product development
• Our product development is customer centric and based on a close cross functional collaboration between our customer insight teams and our product development organization. More than 3% of our annual revenue is spent on research and development, and across the world we have more than 250 engineers and specialists working with a structured stage-gate development process.

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