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Working with average hotel staffing agencies can be frustrating. Furthermore, unproductive and untrained staff can ruin customer experience, reputation, and profits. You also don’t want to handle the hustles of finding a reliable hospitality cleaning team for your hotel. Find rest and reliability in FDC Cleaning Solutions hospitality cleaning services. FDC Cleaning Solutions cleaning services hires and manages trained and motivated hotel personnel to help you run your hotel smoothly, provide remarkable customer experience, and grow your reputation.

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We find and vet potential candidates, ensuring you get staff with the required skillsets and experience. We provide permanent and temporary staff, with the latter being especially important for seasonal fluctuations that come around during busy times and large events. At FDC Cleaning Solutions, we understand each hotel is unique and therefore offer custom services geared to match the needs and budgets of our clients. We listen to you and address your needs with affordable and quality hotel cleaning service packages, with the right people and products.

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During housekeeping staffing, we’ll want first to understand your goals and expectations. Only then can we find matching candidates that will deliver beyond your and your guests’ expectations. We also assign your property a local account manager to ensure our employees comply with the rules and perform their duties impeccably. The manager will be available 24/7 to address your concerns and sort out issues as quickly as possible.

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We realize the test every cleaning company must pass is whether the value of its services is worth the cost. That is why we provide the highest quality, most up-to-date, professional cleaning service at the best possible price. Because we understand the individual needs of our clients, we customize our solutions using the most appropriate commercial cleaning products, materials and procedures. We have the technology and knowledge to benefit our clients with low overhead and operations cost. We maintain close to 300 employees that are highly trained and motivated so that we meet each client’s unique expectations.

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Our clients are our partners. We know that our business is to make your job easier and we take that very seriously. Whether you are big or small, we will custom design the right program with the right cleaning products and the right people to meet your needs. Our clients receive personalized service by being assigned to a local Account Manager who will insure compliance by our employees of established duties and responsibilities. We have the flexibility to quickly make decisions, assign resources and coordinate and deliver solutions that immediately satisfy our clients.

Your local account manager will be available seven days a week/24 hours per day to review any special requests or address issues, which may occur. The managers can make decisions quickly to reallocate resources as needed to deliver immediate results.

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Service delivery and customer experience are key success factors in the hospitality industry. It’s therefore imperative to work with a reliable and top-rated hosppitality cleaning services and staffing solutions provider. Partner with FDC Cleaning Solutions to save time and money, maximize customer experience, and improve your brand. Call us at 1-800-916-6782 or fill our online form to request a Contact Us or have questions about our services answered quickly.

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