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With the use of a hotel, you have to put consideration into the customers and staff that is present in these facilities. The hotel area is a high traffic area that consist of all types of individuals and high turnover with customers. With this notion, there is always hospitality cleaning that needs to be done and germs to get rid of!

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FDC Cleaning Solutions are readily available to help dissolve these unwanted germs in these areas. With high concentration on our customer satisfaction and cleaning techniques, we strive to help you get your hotel customer ready, and help you maintain this clean area for further customers. With this comprehension, our hospitality cleaning company is ready to go to work for you.

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Inside of a hotel, there is many areas that need to be cleaned on a regular bases. We only provide the best in cleaning standards and principles when it comes to the scrubbing of your hotel or rooming service.

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We clean thoroughly each and every room, down to the details maintaining a standard that is applied to all the rooms. We also will change and add supplies inside the rooms based on hotel criteria. With the rooms in the hotel being the center stage of this business, we attack these areas with precision and knowledge in our cleaning techniques. With the bed, we strip down the linen, change the sheets and if needed scrub the mattress with our highly formulated cleaning solutions. We also vacuum the carpets, and scrub any areas that need scrubbing.

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All the bathrooms in the hotel has to be kept within a high standard of cleanliness. With this area always being used by the customers, the cleaner the room, the more less likely that anyone can get sick from germs and bacteria. We attack this area with high resolve. With the tub and sink, we use only the best in cleaning solution that contain anti-bacteria formula that kills germs on contact. Along with these areas in the bathroom, we also apply the same solutions to the walls and the floors ensuring that the floor is left in a clean, unsoiled manner. We scrub the flooring with authority along with the walls ensuring that all the germs are gone and the area is readily available for the next customers.

With FDC Cleaning Solutions, we only strive to give you the best in customer satisfaction with our cleaning services. We target the soiled areas and prompt ourselves to get the job in a timely and clean manner. Along with the talked about services, we also offer a wide array of other cleaning services.

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With these extra cleaning details, we are here to serve you whenever you need us. With our 100% customer satisfaction, your next hotel cleaning starts and ends with us.

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