Is Your Commercial Cleaning Service Delivering What They Promised?
Restaurants, hotels, convention centers, and other hospitality facilities require the services of a specialized and skilled company to handle their cleaning needs. All hospitality buildings have specialized equipment that need to be cleaned by knowledgeable cleaning technicians. Here are a few reasons why you should investigate your cleaning services before hiring.

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Adhering to Health Codes
Your cleaning service should have an understanding of the health code standards for your state. Failure to do so could lead to pricy fines and embarrassing violations.

Regardless of which state you’re in, your local health department or fire departments are permitted to conduct a surprise inspection of your facility at any time. Across the country, health code standards are very strict; it’s smart to engage a cleaning service that will take them seriously. FDC CLEANING SOLUTIONS uses the appropriate equipment to ensure that your restaurant is up to your health department’s benchmark. You want your health department rating to be as high as possible.

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Specialized Maintenance
Of course, the most crucial cleaning to be done in any restaurant is in the kitchen. In addition to keeping the kitchen sanitary, it’s important to see if any maintenance is needed on the equipment.

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Ultimately, it’s in your best interest to hire a cleaning service that undertakes both tasks at once. Kitchen hoods need to be cleaned and maintained regularly, and the regularity depends on the type of restaurant or kitchen you’re running. All restaurants that cook with grease or oil must adhere to strict regulations on grease trap and fry oil cleaning and disposal. FDC CLEANING SOLUTIONS’ skilled employees can handle all these things and more for your restaurant or kitchen.

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Deep Cleaning
Your staff keeps your restaurant or hospitality cleaning facility clean throughout the day. They sweep up messes, wipe up spills, disinfect counter tops, and any other cleaning job that might come up. However, most restaurant or kitchen staff does not have time to pressure wash the floors and exterior entryways, deep clean the carpets and mats, or wash the windows. It is essential that your cleaning company not only offer top-notch janitorial services, but also be able to help you with intermittent deep cleaning projects.

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If a cleaning company says they are energy efficient, the best way to confirm their claim is to take a look at their equipment. FDC CLEANING SOLUTIONS focuses on using equipment with a high level of productivity, while lowering the use of energy, chemicals and water.

For example, washing hard floors with a low flow dispensing scrubber can reduce water usage by 70%. It also lowers the amount of cleaning products needed for the job. FDC CLEANING SOLUTIONS also offers zero downtime on equipment. This means equipment failure will never be a reason your restaurant or hospitality cleaning facility does not get cleaned.

FDC CLEANING SOLUTIONS has clients throughout Aberdeen Township, offering a wide range of cleaning services, from janitorial to deep clean to maintenance. We developed our proprietary software, FDC CLEANING SOLUTIONS Auditing Platform (CAP), to ensure that we reach your cleaning and maintenance standards consistently. It gives us the ability to correct issues in real-time, and it gives our clients access to Service Tracking, Scheduling, Audits, and KPI Metrics.

Call us today to speak with our helpful customer service team and set up an appointment for your restaurant or hospitality facility. We can help you maintain the high quality of cleanliness and function your guests demand.

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