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When you need extraordinary cleaning, call the hospital cleaning specialists! FDC Cleaning Solutions has been specializing in cleaning hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities for many years. At FDC Cleaning Solutions, you’ll find the same highly trained professionals dedicated to “above and beyond” service to healthcare facility managers. With constant accessibility and clear communication, we guarantee that the job will be done right the first time, and every time. We provide the best in hospital cleaning in Old Bridge Township, NJ, and we’re ready to help! Our hospital cleaning team who have extensive knowledge in specialist cleaning services can help create a cleaning protocol that removes threats both short and long term. We can also provide full training for your cleaning staff either on site or in-house here at our head office; it really is invaluable in Hospital Cleaning.

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Our expertise working with medical facilities has led to the development of superior cleaning methods, including our proprietary Capture and Removal Cleaning system. Capture and Removal Cleaning combines advanced equipment and microfiber technologies to dramatically decrease airborne dust, VOCs and bacteria, resulting in a healthier environment and properly sanitized setting for medical staff and patients.

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We know your facility doesn’t just make a statement to you and your staff members; it is also your statement to customers, guests and the outside world. FDC Cleaning Solutions guarantees that through communication and teamwork, we will clean your office exactly the way you like, day-in and day-out. Special programs and direct access also ensure that should a problem arise, resolution is swift and efficient.

We understand that cleanliness in the Hospital Cleaning industry is imperative to maintain compliance with Infection Control Guidelines and regular deep clean of all facilities and surfaces is vital.

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At FDC Cleaning Solutions, our most important tools isn’t a mop or broom–it’s communication. When you work with us, you can expect constant availability and communication in order for us to best understand your business’ unique cleaning needs. By serving industries like healthcare, education, government, property management, manufacturing and everything in between, our experience familiarizes us with compliance and security-related issues. More importantly, it helps us develop and utilize the most effective and advanced methods and materials for your business environment. Once we know your needs, we can tailor a cleaning or restoration plan specific to you and your budget.

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At our cleaning service company, we understand the requirements of healthcare cleaning and clinical cleaning and work hard to meet those needs. Many healthcare and clinical facilities choose us as their commercial cleaning provider because our employees are trained to give your facility the most thorough cleaning it has ever had, every time we clean. Our healthcare cleaning specialists receive extensive training on the precise techniques and detailed processes that are essential for keeping a medical facility clean and sanitary. We maintain your facility to these exacting standards to ensure that you are always in compliance with legal regulations and your employees and patients are protected from harm.

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Our cleaning services and the rest of the world is of the utmost important. open wounds in areas with high levels of pathogens can cause infections and other sorts of complications that hinder the recovery of hospital patients. Our medical cleaning staff members are experts at removing these pathogens to provide for a clean and sanitary area for patients. The examination rooms are cleaned and looked over with special care because they are the parts of the hospital in which sick or injured patients most often find themselves.

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