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Hospitals are havens for all kinds of unpleasant elements. Dozens of people walk inside on a daily basis, each of them exhibiting symptoms that are indicative of viral or bacterial infections. Many may also have serious physical injuries that require sterilised environments to prevent further complications, necessitating regular and comprehensive hospital cleaning. Our experienced, licensed hospital cleaners can provide you with all the vital services required to ensure hygienic, sterile conditions for patients, staff and visitors.

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Strict cleaning procedures must be followed in order to remove biological contamination from equipment surfaces. This reduces the risk of cross-contamination incidents from occurring- whether from patient to patient, from patients to healthcare workers, or from patients to visitors. We are highly trained to perform all cleaning services safely and in full compliance with OSHA standards. At FDC Cleaning Solutions, we’re proud to offer professional hospital cleaning services for healthcare providers throughout the US. We understand the importance of a clean and healthy hospital environment for doctors and patients alike. From dirt and grime through to germs and allergens, we use the latest equipment and techniques to remove hazardous elements.

Whether you require a one-off clean or you want regular support and site visits, our hospital cleaning services have you covered. We take our job seriously, keeping the health and wellbeing of people at the forefront of our concerns.

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The Dialysis Center Program The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), recommends the use of a Dialysis Station Routine Disinfection Checklist (American Medical News, 2013). We comply with this two-step process that ensures dialysis station safety, including proper disconnection and discarding of tubing, emptying of priming buckets, safe disposal of single-use supplies, disinfection of all surfaces, hygienic glove disposal, and hygienic hand washing protocols.

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While medical-grade cleaning cannot be 100 percent green due to the use of disinfectants to kill unwanted microorganisms, the use of greener cleaning products where possible can provide a healthier environment for patients to recover and for staff to work. We strive to use environmentally friendly cleaning products in our clients’ healthcare facilities whenever practical.

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FDC Cleaning Solutions has developed a reputation for sanitising hospitals and other medical facilities. Our hospital cleaning specialists boast the necessary training and skills to get the job done, ensuring that your medical facility upholds the highest standard of cleanliness and hygiene. We employ strict colour-coding systems to prevent bacteria and germs from spreading. Before we clean, we first conduct comprehensive assessments and evaluations to determine the state of your medical facility. This allows us to formulate tailored cleaning proposals, outlining areas that need addressing and detailing what needs to be done. We pay special attention to high touch areas, including faucets and towel dispensers as well as flush handles and push plates.

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Because of the unique challenges and requirements faced by hospitals, only an experienced, licensed hospital cleaning contractor should be hired to provide service. FDC Cleaning Solutions ensures that all of our contractors are licensed and within regulations, and we also ensure that they are knowledgeable on healthcare laws and regulations. We’re proud of our ability to not only meet, but exceed governmental and industry standards. If you require professional hospital cleaning services, look no further than FDC Cleaning Solutions. Give us a call today or enquire online to learn more and make a booking.

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