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FDC Cleaning Solutions is focused on providing hospital cleaning services for your healthcare facility that serves your patients, the hospital staff, and their visitors with proven hospital housekeeping systems. It is critical that your housekeeping program develops both healthcare, and hospitality programs that address the needs of this community holistically. Whether that is using the latest technologies, high level training & education, customer service programs, or integrated cleaning systems we are able to provide consistent solutions to all of our partners in the building. Let’s work together to understand how each member of the healthcare community is impacted by the performance of the department. Our expert hospital cleaners use first rate cleaning products that are environmentally safe, targeting the sources of bacteria and eliminating them.

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At FDC Cleaning Solutions we work together with our people to train & educate, and focus them on our patients, the staff who treat them, and their visitors. We create an integrated support services program that focuses on both healthcare & hospitality. FDC Cleaning Solutions takes pride in our performance by engaging all of our healthcare communities, and ensuring their safety, and that your healthcare facilities and their valuable resources are protected.

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Expect the highest levels of cleanliness from our hospital janitorial services in East Brunswick, NJ. FDC Cleaning Solutions does more than clean a hospital or dentist’s office, we sanitize and disinfect your medical facility to eliminate bacteria, germs, and viruses. Look to us to work with you in developing an effective plan of action for janitorial cleaning that meets the special needs of your facility. At our licensed, bonded, and insured custodial cleaning company, we have extensive knowledge of Occupational Health and Safety (OSHA) regulations and requirements.

Most hospital offices have sensitive machinery that needs to be cleaned with special cleaning solutions and tools. Ask us how we can accommodate some of these tasks on your behalf.

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Our owners have many years of hands-on experience in hospital cleaning. We have the expertise that is required to ensure spotless and germ-free hospital janitorial services for you. Doctors and medical professionals rely on a clean environment to keep patients and employees safe and to prevent the spread of fungus, bacteria, and viruses. FDC Cleaning Solutions is well-known for being among the top-rated medical office cleaning specialists in the city.

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Providing exceptional service is just one of the things that set apart from other local janitorial cleaning services. The depth of our knowledge delivering tailoring customized medical facility cleaning services to businesses like yours spans a number of years. Each of our accredited technicians has been hand-selected, vetted, and trained to meet our rigorous standards.

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Some regular janitors don’t have the level of training and accreditations needed to perform superior hosppital cleaning services. To establish a hospital grade level of sanitization, it’s important to make sure the right mixture of cleaning solutions is applied and is left to work for the required amount of time before being wiped or mopped clean. Our advanced machinery and dedicated staff ensure all commercial cleaning services are provided to industry and regulatory standards. To ensure compliance, we perform quality checks and test and periodic up-training. See how our hospital cleaning experts can save you time and money for yourself. Contact us for affordable Janitorial Cleaning. Our company provides commercial cleaning services for businesses in East Brunswick, NJ areas and surrounding counties.

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