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FDC Cleaning Solutions Eliminates 99.999% of All Viruses and Germs INCLUDING Coronavirus

In response to the COVID-19 coronavirus, everybody is fogging. But, fogging to disinfect is not enough! You need to fog with a product that offers extended surface protection past the first touch or unassuming sneeze that quickly reinfects the surface. Most products only last up to 72-hours.

FDC Cleaning Solutions 90-day Antimicrobial Surface Protectant is proven technology that is as innovative as it is effective, killing viruses, bacteria, mold, mildew and microbes continuously and persistently.

The FDC Cleaning Solutions 2-Step Disinfect & Protect System is the NEW NORMAL for clean and safe!

  • The hospital grade Disinfectant eliminates up to 99.999% of harmful bacteria, mold, mildew, algae and fungus. Requires no rinse and is safe for food contact surfaces.
  • The patented water-based Antimicrobial Surface Protectant is a preservative non-residue nano-tech coating that inhibits the growth and spread of viruses, bacteria, mold, mildew, fungus and algae for up to 90-days.
  • Unlike other products, our Antimicrobial Surface Protectant uses mechanical nano-technology; a molecular bio-static shell of spikes which pierces a cells membrane, eliminating the microbe on contact.
  • It is EPA-registered, FDA-approved and it is safe enough to be sprayed on children’s toys. The Antimicrobial Surface Protectant also has received its EPA extension for food preparation / contact surfaces.
  • This is green technology at its best!
  • FDC Cleaning Solutions does not protect against airborne or person to person transmission of the COVID-19 coronavirus and other pathogens. Let’s all do our part in following the CDC recommended guidelines to stop the spread which include social distancing, hand washing and mask wearing.

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