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When it comes to keeping your office, showroom, storefront, or shop floor clean, no option is better than FDC Cleaning Solutions. With years of experience, we’ve established ourselves as Spotswood, NJ’s most qualified commercial cleaning company. We provide a complete range of services, all priced competitively, to keep your property in immaculate condition. All while keeping your work environment safe, healthy, and happy.

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FDC Cleaning Solutions has become the go-to janitorial crew across the whole commercial sector in Spotswood, NJ. We partner with local businesses big and small, in industries of all kinds, to deliver a superior level of commercial cleanliness and sanitation.

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Would you like to know a dirty little secret about hiring commercial cleaners? It can save you money! And it goes way beyond preserving a positive image in the hearts and minds of your clients and customers. You may not think of it often, but the workspace is home to many expensive items and materials. The expenses of investing in new printers, computers, carpets, hardwood floors and furniture can add up quick. When dust builds up, it can do serious damage to electronics. Stains and debris buildup on floors and furniture can cause them to depreciate. Making sure that these important elements of your commercial space are cleaned regularly is a surefire way of extending their lifespan. Replacing your carpeting or electronics every few years isn’t good for business. When you hire FDC Cleaning Solutions’ money saving commercial cleaners you are ensuring that the assets essential to your daily operations are getting the maintenance and care that they need to last.

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Every business is different, with its own unique requirements. At FDC Cleaning Solutions, our services reflect that basic fact. We know that a one-size-fits-all approach does not work for all business owners. That’s why we offer custom cleaning solutions, tailor-made for each client. We carry out our services with a customer-oriented approach, ensuring that your needs always come first.

Our free consultation service helps us achieve exactly that. We sit down with you, taking the time to learn about you, your organization, and your cleaning needs. We help determine ways to save you time and money and keep your facilities looking their best. Once we’ve created a cleaning program tailored to your needs and preferences, we’ll put together a written cost breakdown for your budgeting consideration.

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We maintain a team of dedicated janitors who undergo a strict training, screening, and vetting process. We verify that each of them is a trustworthy professional: dedicated to their trade and committed to their customers. They are ready to serve you.

Punctuality is one of our chief priorities. We are prompt, making sure to arrive at every job site on-time and ready to work. What’s more, we boast exceptionally quick cleaning times. Using a combination of efficient labor practices and good old-fashioned elbow grease, we strive to complete each cleaning in a minimal amount of time. You get a cleaner office, and you get to maintain a high work output.

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We recognize that our clients all have different operational needs and time constraints. Our goal is to keep your facility clean and your productivity high. That’s why we offer unparalleled scheduling flexibility. You can choose how frequently our crews service your building. You can also select the time of day. We offer one-time and routine appointments for even more choice.

We clean. When we clean, is up to you. Give our administrative team a call to set up your next appointment when it suits you best.

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