Why enlist the help of commercial kitchen cleaning companies? It’s about impressions. When you walk into a place of business that is new to you, how do you size it up? How do you evaluate other restaurants? Do you assess its orderliness and neatness? Do you assess if the restaurant appears clean? These questions about professional commercial kitchen cleaning are of particular concern to restaurateurs that serve food – cleanliness is crucial if you want to prepare meals in a busy kitchen that are eaten off of plates and silverware that your staff has washed.

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There is a complex and stringent set of rules and legislation when it comes to keeping the kitchen the professional condition. FDA Food Code, and Food Hygiene and Safety state law, provide guidelines on how to clean a kitchen. Although these laws are quite specific and detailed, when you are trying to run a business in real time, maintaining these standards can be difficult.

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The reason a dirty restaurant is a deal breaker is because to customers, areas in your restaurant like the restroom tell a big part of the story. In fact, 86 percent of respondents in a study equated the cleanliness of a restaurant’s bathroom with that of its kitchen. So when you leave messy sink areas and toilet stalls, dried-up bugs, streaked windows and dusty surfaces, your customers are likely to feel uncomfortable dining in your establishment. Even worse, it’s probable that someone would snap a picture of areas like the bathroom or walk into a messy nook in the kitchen and post them as your next online review. This is a business killer, because the second most popular way guests find new restaurants other than word of mouth is through social media reviews.

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If your staff is using the wrong tools or technique, they might actually be spreading dirt and bacteria rather than cleaning the kitchen. These mistakes jeopardize your employees and your customers. It can be tricky to know they best water temperature to clean. Sanitizing must be done at a particular temperature for chemicals in the water to work efficiently.

We provide the best services, a superior and immaculate restaurant from kitchen to the dining area. Our staff is dedicated to our collective vision of industry-forward green cleaning. Our company is dependable. You have access to our support line Monday through Friday, 9-6, and measured inspections.

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Maintaining standards of cleanliness is essential in the food preparation industry, so make sure you hire the right commercial kitchen cleaners. 46% of all restaurateurs in a Toast survey listed hiring, training and retaining restaurant staff as their number one challenge, so here are some hints of a quality company you should search for:

– Communication with the professional cleaning team. You should expect to be able to contact a team member and get a response when you need one.
– Cleaning packages customized for your business should be expected. Work with a business who will work with your budget.
– Your professional cleaning prospect should be fully licensed, insured and permitted.
– Your expert cleaning team should help you pass fire, health or food inspections.
– The team should be hand picked – properly trained, certified with a background check, insured and professional.

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Restaurant professional kitchen cleaning service is designed to help you broadcast to your customers, that your restaurant is a friendly place to have a nice meal to eat. We encourage you to contact us today for a no obligation quote to discuss commercial kitchen cleaning services we can do for you.

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