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FDC Cleaning Solutions provides services to all of Sayreville, NJ and it’s sub-cities. Our team consists of all members being highly trained to work around kitchen appliances, stoves, roofs, etc. We carry all appropriate gear for your commercial kitchen to be fully clean. We have many clients very happy with our service and a long list of past commercial kitchens that we have left their kitchens looking as if they just installed new units. We’re not kidding! Now, if you have a restaurant, bar, or commercial kitchen in any type of facility, you’ll want a company that will both leave you impressed and satisfied that you have finally found a commercial kitchen cleaning business to work with. We’ll be your best bet for cleaning and maintaining your exhaust hood system. Our kitchen cleaning specialist are familiar with all aspects of health and safety including environmental health regulations so that they can deep clean your kitchen to the necessary standards.

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FDC Cleaning Solutions works all over Sayreville, NJ cleaning all types of exhaust hood systems and commercial kitchens. With our cleaning program, we can schedule at your best convenience so we can clean before your workers are in the building or we can work around them. Our scheduled appointments are usually during 11 pm and 6 am when people staff are sleeping. We want to keep your kitchen safe for your workers and keep it clean. It’ll save you time and money in the future if we can rid your kitchen of any grease blockages or grease adding up in corners and on the walls. Don’t just rely on anybody to clean your kitchen. Get it clean the first time with us.

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When we do a walk-through of your business, we’ll examine all the appliances you have that need cleaning for your next inspection. Commercial ovens usually aren’t cleaned 100% properly which ends in mechanical issues when tough grease gets stuck and deteriorates for long periods of time. We use high-grade chemicals used to dissolve those tough oils and residue. Deep fryers need to be maintained and cleaned more thoroughly than other appliances because they use the most oil. You might also carry charbroilers, grills, and griddles that have oily layers on removable parts that need to be cleaned. With our best cleaning techniques, we’ll have equipment looking like you just purchased them.

Our teams will carry out the commercial kitchen cleaning at a time that suits each client in order to minimise disruption to the business. In addition, deep cleaning equipment regularly prolongs the life of those items.

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Kitchen deep cleaning is essential for commercial premises in order to achieve the necessary degree of cleanliness. While kitchen staff must maintain basic hygiene, there are areas of a kitchen that are not as easy to reach and that over time accumulate fat, grease, burnt-on food and other dirt. These include a range of items of equipment, fittings of various kinds including lights, and hard-to-reach surfaces such as ceilings and walls. A commercial kitchen cleaning by our team will leave floors, walls, lights and other fittings, ceilings and all the equipment thoroughly clean.

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The skilled and experienced commercial kitchen cleaners can also attend to added cleaning needs such as the maintenance of drains by keeping them clear while adhering to legislation in this regard. Similarly, they will clean out grease traps as these also harbour bacteria which pose a serious health risk to those working in the kitchen and consuming food and drink items produced in it. As with all other cleaning work in kitchens, we use food-safe and eco-friendly products, often specifically formulated for one aspect of kitchen hygiene and cleaning, and specialised equipment.

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Now if you’re ready for your kitchen to be cleaned, we have techs on standby waiting for your call. They’ll be in an out of your restaurant leaving a fully clean cooking area. Depending on the area of Sayreville, NJ that your restaurant is located in, we’ll accommodate for time and be there on schedule. You’ll be happy to have us as your commercial kitchen professionals that you can finally trust.

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