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Commercial kitchen cleaning is the process of removing grease that as accumulated inside the ducts, hoods, fans, vents, grills, fryers, of commercial kitchens. Left uncleaned, commercial kitchen systems eventually accumulate enough grease to cause extreme fire hazards. Our commercial kitchen cleaners will clean all your fryers, grills, ovens, steamers, work tables, hoods outside, stainless steel walls, all the stainless steel in the kitchen, pipes, drains, degreasing floors, walls and ceiling.

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The equipment needs to disconnected from the walls (the client is responsible for that) and we will proceed to degrease first the wall and pipes and the same time we are degreasing the ceiling. All the walls, equipment, walk-ins, and floors are degreased. We use tools, like scrapers, metal sponges, screws drivers, stones, a pressure washer, chemicals and hot water to thouroughly clean commercial kitchens. A gas or electric range requires a regular deep cleaning to remove grease and crumbs that have collected or built up. We completely remove and clean all the parts to the range in your commercial kitchen, including trays or drawers that collect crumbs and grease. Food and spills near the burners or pilot are dangerous and a fire hazard. Our technicians provide a safe and deep clean, using quality products, to restore a healthy cooking environment. A commercial kitchen hood cleaning service is also available to remove any dirt or grease buildup that can be dangerous to your facilities.

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The difference between between the way that some commercial cleaning companies clean a commercial kitchen and FDC Cleaning Solutions cleans a commercial kitchen is that we ask the client to disconnect the equipment from walls and pipes (gas pipes) and move the equipment so that we can access areas that have typically not been cleaned in many years. Most companies do not do that. Commercial ovens, including convection ovens, need to be cleaned regularly to ensure proper and efficient functionality. Food particles and debris that fall and remain inside of the oven may cause problems with the flavor of food or cause smoke. Convection ovens will also need the intake fan cleaned and hinges inspected to ensure superior performance. Rotisserie ovens also require a regular cleaning, as grease drips from the meat and can cause safety and fire hazards should the ovens be neglected. Our expert team is trained on the appropriate chemicals to use on commercial ovens to provide the most thorough, but also a safe deep cleaning.

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While grease controls in commercial kitchens have seen some significant changes in recent years, grease fires still happen at an alarming rate. A grease fire happens when the cooking oil becomes too hot. When heating oils first start to boil, they will start smoking, and then they will catch on fire. Most vegetable oils have a smoking point around 450°F, while animal fats like lard or goose fat will start smoking around 375°F. Improvements have resulted from research, code revisions, education, and improvements in grease filtration and extraction technology in commercial kitchens, but the owners of commercial kitchens must still be careful of their personnel training and and maintenance procedures.

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Our company prides ourselves on providing clean and healthy kitchen facilities for all of our clients. We utilize state-of-the-art and disinfecting equipment to deep clean your commercial kitchen and create a safe work environment. A thorough inspection and detail of all equipment in your kitchen is part of our deep cleaning service. Our experienced staff will remove and clean grills, racks, belts, hinges, panels, and any other chamber or crevice in your commercial kitchen. Grease buildup will be removed from all surfaces in order to provide the deepest clean. Appliances that have been disassembled for deep cleaning will then be reassembled and checked to ensure working order.

Our professional technicians are equipped with state-of-the-art commercial kitchen cleaning tools and are trained in the latest in equipment cleaning skills.

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We provide deep-cleaning services for your entire industrial kitchen needs, including your deep fryer, char broilers, griddles, and toasters. A deep fryer requires cleaning every couple of months, which includes draining the oil and deep cleaning all parts, including the elements. If the cooking grids of your grill or char broiler are heavily soiled, we use quality solution to remove the buildup. Grease accumulation or carbonization on your grates or grids can be dangerous and impact the taste of the food. Our technicians can provide the deepest clean for all of your commercial grade equipment to ensure a safe and healthy cooking facility. For more information about commercial kitchen cleaning services for your restaurant or facility, or for a quote, contact us online or call 1-800-916-6782 today!

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