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FDC Cleaning Solutions – Serving over 500+ restaurant kitchens a year, FDC Cleaning Solutions guarantees any food-service industry business to pass Food and Health inspections after their thorough deep cleaning service.

FDC Cleaning Solutions: Commercial Kitchen Cleaning in Neptune Township

Our Commercial kitchen cleaning service include: detailed cleaning and decreasing of cooking equipment, stain removal from walls, grout and floor’s tile deep cleaning, residue removal from ceiling, exhaust and hood cleaning, disinfection of any surfaces. Our latest in technology cleaning equipment uses a powerful steam to take away dirt and grease for a deep cleaning result.

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Over the past 10 years, our outstanding cleaning expertise and superior detail-oriented work have enabled us to publicly serve many well-known companies and organizations, hospitals, schools and universities, churches, restaurants, corporate HQ’s, embassies, and various non-profit organizations to name a few.

Environmental consciousness is one of our principles. FDC Cleaning Solutions commercial kitchen cleaning has always been dedicated to green cleaning technologies and methods. Hygiene and sanitation are important in the food processing business. When it comes to meeting the high restaurant industry standards, no corners can be cut. Steam power will cut through grease, oil, sugar deposits and will kill bacteria, mold, germs and viruses, all without the use of harsh chemical products.

Best Commercial Kitchen Cleaning in Neptune Township, New Jersey

FDC Cleaning Solutions Professional steam cleaning restaurant services always deliver a clean, polished kitchen surface and a spotless dining area for your restaurant guests.

Our mission is to be #1 quality provider of professional cleaning services to the commercial kitchens market. We are committed to providing value to our customers by building long term business relationship.

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FDC Cleaning Solutions Kitchen Hood Cleaning
“Are You Looking for a Fast & Reliable Kitchen
Hood Cleaning Service That Gets the Job
Done Right the Very First Time?”

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Let Our Professional Cleaning Team Remove The
Junk, Gunk & Greasy Buildup from Your Kitchen Hood!
Do you run a busy commercial kitchen within your business?
Do you also reside in Neptune Township?
And most of all, are you looking for a reliable, professional and premium kitchen hood cleaning service that can bring new life and shine to your grimy equipment?
If you answer “YES!”, then look no further than FDC Cleaning Solutions Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning Service.

“We fully understand how important it is to keep your kitchen running
smoothly and efficiently. This means keeping all your most
important kitchen equipment cleans and up to speed!”
In the food preparation business, no matter if you run a restaurant, or have a busy kitchen within a school, government building, hospital or any other type of business…clean cooking equipment is a must. This is true not only for your business to succeed, but also for the health and safety of your workers and those who use your services.

Neptune Township Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

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