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Let’s face the real truth: your commercial kitchen takes a beating and it probably shows.
Every single working day, your kitchen is inundated by heat, steam, fumes, grease, odors, smoke, random spills and more. When all of these elements are contained within one kitchen, they have to be absorbed somewhere.

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Unfortunately, all of these elements of dirt, grime, and greasy buildup end up sticking to the kitchen equipment, kitchen hoods, walls, floors, and even kitchen ceilings and fittings. Not only can this buildup begin to look bad, but it can also begin to affect not only the food products you serve but also the health and safety of your own staff who works in these dirty conditions.

Even smelly and foul odors can begin to take precedent over your kitchen. And worst yet, germs! This is why bringing in a team of experienced cleaning professionals is absolutely crucial if you want to keep your kitchen running in tip-top shape not only for your business but for everyone who works in it.

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Luckily for you, the amazing commercial kitchen cleaning team here at FDC Cleaning Solutions knows exactly what it really takes in order to get your commercial kitchen looking just as good as new!

We offer a very comprehensive and thorough commercial kitchen cleaning service for commercial kitchens in Keyport and the surrounding areas that’s not only highly effective but also environmentally friendly and safe as well.

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ONLY Expertly Trained & Certified Professionals
With Years of Proven Experience…
All of our commercial kitchen cleaning professionals are fully certified and trained to deep clean your dirtiest kitchen, no matter how bad and impossible it may seem. Once our professionals are done with your job, the final results will allow your kitchen to pass any health or fire inspection with flying colors!

We never take shortcuts (like painting over dirty walls) to simply cover up the dirt, grime, and hidden germs. We take a very proactive approach to evaluate your kitchen and all its cleaning needs, and then tailor our methods to make sure we offer a swift, thorough and safe way to clean your kitchen the right way, every time.

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Once we determine the size of your kitchen and the scope of the cleaning job, we’ll then take between 2-7 days to deep steam clean each section of your kitchen. This includes key areas such as food preparation areas, storage areas, and serving areas. We never remove or tamper with the delicate parts of your kitchen, and we also never use heavy abrasive scrubbing on fragile parts either.

We only use hot steam and fresh water, combined with environmentally safe (“Green”) cleaning agents that never leave unnecessary traces of moisture or filmy cleaning residue thanks to our unique suction technique.

Our final goal and mission when we’re done cleaning your kitchen?
To provide you a sparkling clean kitchen that looks great smells fresh, and is also germ/bacteria free! We take tremendous pride and great care to the attention of detail and effort we put into every single aspect of our cleaning service.

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We Have Your Entire Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning Needs To be Covered!
• Kitchen Equipment
All of your most vital and important kitchen equipment will be deep cleaned from top to bottom. You’ll be shocked at just how great they’ll look when we’re done with them.

• Kitchen Floors
Your kitchen floors not only get a lot of foot traffic, but they also catch a lot of various greasy spills and messes. Even though you may clean your floors, deep cleaning will remove the filmy grime you leave behind.

• Kitchen Walls
Painting kitchen walls to get rid of dirt and grime is a big no-no. We take a complete hands-on approach to clean kitchen walls to remove greasy spatters, dirt, germs, and just about anything else that’s caked on your kitchen walls.

• Kitchen Ceilings
Kitchen ceilings are usually made from either hard of soft materials. We’ll examine your ceilings and determine the best way to remove all film and absorbed dirt and make them look brilliantly white again (but only in a safe and effective way).

• Kitchen Hoods
Kitchen hoods can become one of the dirtiest components of any commercial kitchen. Caked on grease is a given, and we’ll make sure that we remove all the gunk, grease and debris to make your hoods shine and sparkle just like new.

• Kitchen Fittings
We’ll even remove the buildup that gets stuck in various kitchen fittings including lamps, air duct covers, hanging sings, etc. It’s important to note that we do not clean kitchen sprinklers.

Our Most In-Demand & Popular Deep Cleaning Services
We offer several different (and very popular) comprehensive deep cleaning services for commercial kitchens in the Keyport area including:
• Whole Kitchen Deep Cleaning
• Annual or Semi-Annual Cleaning
• Kitchen Equipment/Appliances Cleaning
• Kitchen Hood/Vent/Fan Cleaning
• Tile & Floor Cleaning
• Floor Strip & Wax Services
• Industrial Stream Cleaning
• Commercial Deep Cleaning
• Machinery Steam Cleaning

CUSTOMIZED TO YOUR NEEDS! No matter your kitchen needs, we can customize a specific cleaning package that will suit YOUR needs perfectly. We offer scheduled cleaning services as well (this depends on the volume of your business) – including monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annual deep cleaning.

We’re Ready to Deep Clean Your Kitchen!
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We look forward to working with you in order to give your commercial kitchen the comprehensive, safe and yet very thorough deep cleaning it really needs! We take great pride in our excellent deep cleaning services, and we’re excited to prove to you our premium level of high-quality work and service!

To get your free, custom quote, simply call us right now at 1-800-916-6782

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