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Commercial kitchen cleaning is the process of cleaning your commercial cleaning from top to bottom. While we offer commercial kitchen equipment cleaning, we also provide our services for other commercial kitchen cleaning areas that are otherwise missed by standard cleaning solutions.

FDC Cleaning Solutions: Commercial Kitchen Cleaning in Howell Township

Sure, you can mop the floors and counters to remove the majority of dirt and debris, but have you ever thought of cleaning behind the fridge, dishwasher, or oven? If not, then we’re here to make it easier and remove the buildup from those areas that can easily be missed or overlooked.

Quick Service
Our commercial kitchen cleaning services are not only extremely thorough but also quick and efficient. While we pay attention to detail with each of our cleaning services, this doesn’t mean you need to be out of the kitchen for a week for us to complete the job.

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In fact, we’re able to deep clean most commercial kitchens in less than a day and sometimes a few hours, depending on the degree of debris in the kitchen. If you have your commercial kitchen cleaned often and simply need some extra help deep cleaning, then our services will not only be quick but can get you back up and running in no time.

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Detailed Results
Our commercial kitchen cleaning services are set out to offer you the detailed results that you may otherwise not get from standard cleaning. Mops and cloths and store-bought cleaners can only reach so far and clean so much.

We use industrial-grade cleaning solutions that are safe for kitchen environments and intended to give the kitchen an extremely detailed, thorough deep clean that other methods can’t. If you have built up behind fridges, under countertops, or against backsplashes, you owe it to your kitchen (and staff) to have a fully sanitized space that is completely free from dirt and debris.

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Health Codes and Regulations
With our deep cleaning services, we aim to follow and help your commercial kitchen meet all of the health code standards and regulations as stated by Howell Township area. This means that, if we find an area that doesn’t meet health regulations because of its condition, then we’ll clean it or recommend further steps in taking care of it to meet state health codes.

Safety and health are our number one priority, so we’re able to make sure that your restaurant is also up to par when it comes to maintaining those standards and codes as well.

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Scheduled Cleaning
If you have a commercial kitchen that sees frequent use or could benefit from more than one cleaning ever so often, then you might want to consider our scheduled cleaning services. Our scheduled cleaning services are designed to curate a special schedule and arrive on the anticipated time to clean your kitchen with the greatest of care and quality.

Therefore, with our scheduled cleaning services, you can have a pristine kitchen more often and don’t have to think twice about when to schedule its next cleaning. Call us today for a free quote! We do the best hood cleaning in Howell Township.

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