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When it comes to carpet cleaning (whether it is residential or commercial), there is no company that has a more knowledgeable and experienced team. We provide professional carpet cleaning and color dyeing services for homeowners and businesses across Oceanport. Our carpet cleaners are prompt, punctual, and thorough. At FDC Cleaning Solutions, we make sure that you receive the best carpet care from qualified pros.

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FDC Cleaning Solutions is a carpet cleaning company located in Oceanport. We specialize in residential and commercial carpet cleaning and carpet dyeing services, and offer a range of services to help homeowners and businesses with a variety of deep cleaning needs.

Our company has been in business for many years, and have grown to become one of the top names in carpet care services for the area. Our experience and the expertise we have gained from it allow us to better help our customers with issues ranging from spots and stains to carpet restoration.

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We employ a team of trustworthy and hardworking carpet care specialists with the training, knowledge, and skills to provide exceptional service and superior results for our customers.

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What are the best ways to maintain my carpets and rugs?
We are professional carpet cleaners and suggest that you use our services to maintain your interior surfaces on an annual basis. With that said clean carpets and rugs can change the way a room looks and feels. Apart from regular professional cleaning, there are a lot of things that you can do at home in order to maintain your carpets and rugs. Here is a list of suggestions:

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1. Make sure that you vacuum your carpets at least twice a week to remove loose soils. Heavy traffic areas could be vacuumed every day. When the soil gets trapped in the fibers of the carpets or rugs, they act as abrasives that damage them forever, causing your carpets to look old and worn out.
2. Use doormats to keep much of the sand and soil away from your carpets and rugs.
3. Treat your spills as soon as they happen. Don’t wait until your stain dries. Always blot the moisture from your stain and don’t rub it. Rubbing causes the stain to further sink, damaging more fibers.
4. If you have decided to treat a tough stain on your own, then you might want to test your cleaner on a hidden area before treating the spot itself. Some cleaners are so strong that they can cause tearing, discoloration, dye bleeding or structural fasteners.
5. Use deep extraction when you are dealing with old stains or dust trapped in the depths of your carpet or rug. Professionals have the right equipment and will restore your carpet in no time. Sometimes doing this on your own can help the stains to set in deeper and will damage your carpet on the long run.
6. Avoid over wetting your carpet. The moisture can damage the back lining for good. Over wetting can also cause your carpet or rug to shrink. You will notice this if you have wall to wall carpeting that starts to tear. This usually happens when moisture gets trapped and damages the backing yarns.
7. Avoid excessive sunlight. Over time sunlight can cause your carpet or rug to lose color. Invest in some blinds if your carpet is subject to sunlight all day.
8. Some odors are difficult to remove from your carpets. It is better to avoid them in the first place. Keeping your carpet dry will prevent the formation of mildew and stinky bacteria. If the problem is persistent then maybe you should consider hiring a professional cleaning service provider to remove the odors and to deodorize your carpets.
9. Oriental rugs need special care. Always invest in a high-quality padding to be put under the rug.
10. Oriental rugs are either made from silk or wool and are more delicate than carpets that are made from synthetic fibers. Avoid vacuuming using a beater brush attachment as it could be too harsh on your valuable oriental rugs. Make sure that you vacuum the fringes lightly.

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Following these simple instructions will help you maintain your valuable carpets and rugs. Regular and effective maintenance is the best way to enjoy fresh, clean and elegant carpets and rugs for years. Call us today to discuss your specific surface cleaning needs – 1-800-916-6782.

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