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For professional carpet cleaning/shampooing in Marlboro Township, count on FDC Cleaning Solutions to provide a full-service approach. Today, many businesses (and residential customers) have opted for the aesthetic look of carpeting, broadloom, or carpet tile. But nothing could be less impressive than stained or soiled flooring. At FDC Cleaning Solutions, our professional carpet shampooing service will ensure that carpeting maintains its aesthetic look for years to come.

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The experts at FDC Cleaning Solutions can accommodate virtually any type of business space, and any size of facility. Professional carpet cleaning and shampooing service is designed to keep flooring clean for the short term, while providing proper maintenance for the long term. Professional or not, routine carpet care is critical: it’s important to remove dirt and stains; it’s important to eliminate imbedded allergens; and it’s important to disinfect.

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Carpet shampooing does more than just clean. Carpet shampooing preserves the durability of the carpet or broadloom, and prolongs the lifespan of the floor. The truth is, carpeted flooring takes a real beating – day-to-day wear from shoes and boots – winter salt and spilled liquids – even unforeseen cuts and tears. And the result without appropriate carpet shampooing: worn down carpet fibers; dulling of colors and patterns; and weakening of carpet fabric.

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FDC Cleaning Solutions has the carpet shampooing equipment to do the job right. And by using the latest cleaning products, we can make sure to use the right product for the specific carpeting type on site. Ideally, we recommend professional carpet shampooing once a year, and at the very least, every 18 months. Our carpet shampooing process will contribute to longer life for carpeting, while maintaining a cleaner, more hygienic environment for the building or facility.

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At FDC Cleaning Solutions, our carpet shampooing method requires far less time to dry than some of the other cleaning methods available today. And when a business needs quick turnaround, carpet shampooing would be the ideal option. We also highly recommend the professional approach to carpet shampooing, and although business owners (and homeowners) might prefer to save money on these projects, professional carpet shampooing is far more effective overall.

The DIY approach to carpet shampooing has definite pitfalls, and of course, there’s a potential to damage carpeting: there could be over-shampooing or over-wetting, both of which can pose additional problems. That’s why the experts at FDC Cleaning Solutions suggest the professional approach to carpet shampooing. However, nothing can compare with preventive maintenance, as well as thorough cleaning and vacuuming between carpet shampooing appointments.

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The key at FDC Cleaning Solutions is professionalism. We have the experience and expertise with cleaning products and specialized equipment to maximize carpet cleaning and rug cleaning for every client in Marlboro Township. We have come across countless cleaning challenges, and can offer workable solutions for even the most difficult cleaning issue. We pre-treat carpets where required; we apply soil retardants when necessary; and we provide re-treatment applications when customers request.

At FDC Cleaning Solutions, carpet shampooing is a specialty service – and for our customers, it means a high-quality job with long lasting results.

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