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We take pride in being a local Manalapan Township business and doing our part to keep our buildings and skyscrapers looking their best. We, FDC Cleaning Solutions exists and excel in our carpet cleaning service for the best part of the world.

Green Carpet Cleaning
FDC Cleaning Solutions can offer green carpet cleaning using extremely hot oxygenated soft water. Green carpet cleaning is safe for the environment while completely eliminating germs, dust mites, allergens, traffic lane soil and stains. FDC Cleaning Solutions experienced carpet cleaning technicians rinse and extract the entire carpet surface, ensuring that residue left inferior carpet cleaning methods are removed. FDC Cleaning Solutions green carpet cleaning carpets dry in 4 to 6 hours, and not 2 or 3 days like other methods, virtually eliminating any chance for mold. Green carpet cleaning systems improve indoor air quality.

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Professional Carpet Cleaning
If your commercial office, industrial facility, restaurant or bar has carpeted the advantages are clear. What is often not clear is your carpet itself. Traffic over the carpet leaves a trail of dirt and soil which diminishes the appearance of the facility. So, it is imperative that your carpet is cleaned regularly and often cleaned very deeply in order to preserve the life of the carpet and the aesthetics of the commercial building. FDC Cleaning Solutions can integrate carpet cleaning into its general building cleaning services.

We can provide customized carpet cleaning based on the make of the carpet, the material of the carpet or even the carpet traffic. Our trained carpet cleaning staff can take old dingy carpet and make it look like new carpet by using a variety of carpet cleaning techniques.

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Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning
Some carpet extraction machines are so large and heavy that they are left in a vehicle and operated with long hoses. The immense labor-saving benefit of these powerful cleaning units can be benefitting your carpets by getting the most powerful carpet cleaning technology to your office doorstep.

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FDC Cleaning Solutions’ years of experience results in substantial advantages in simplicity and reliability versus our competitors. Recent developments in sound suppression has resulted in more quiet operating machines capable of working without undue disturbance to commercial or medical facilities that cannot have loud noise disturbing occupants or patients.

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