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Because you spend the majority of your time indoors, the quality of the air in your home or business is of crucial importance to you and all who visit you. FDC Cleaning Solutions is aware of this. We are trustworthy, loyal and helpful to all our customers.

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We’ve always believed in taking care of customers the way we would want to be served. We know the importance of having you as a client for the long term. In fact, our business was built on referrals from our customers. We know that if we can create a cheerleader in you, you will pass our name along to your friends, family and FDC Cleaning Solutions.

FDC Cleaning Solutions are a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company that has been working in the industry for over 20 years. We have extra experience and training to help keep our customers happy with our services. FDC Cleaning Solutions perform 100% natural carpet, oriental rug, and upholstery cleaning services. Yes, FDC Cleaning Solutions specialize in Pet Urine and Bio-waste removal. We are experts in Carpet Cleaning , Water Damage Restoration Services, Tile / Grout cleaning, Air Duct Cleaning & Rug Cleaning. Save BIG CALL US NOW! 1-800-916-6782

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Professional Carpet Cleaning is the way to go. Vacuuming only does so much. Your carpet needs special treatment every so often to stay in good condition, especially if you have children or pets. With help from FDC Cleaning Solutions, you can make your carpets look better and last longer.

Enjoy Thoroughly Clean Carpets
Our carpet cleaning services accomplish much more than what your vacuum can do. We can eliminate stains and odors, and we’ll wash out all the debris particles that have been ground into your carpet over time. When we leave, your carpet will be thoroughly clean and fresh.

Many people only need a yearly cleaning to keep their carpets in good shape. Our professional carpet cleaners will take care of any problems that make your carpet look unsightly or that can damage the fibers. With our help, your carpet will look like new for much longer.

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However, if you smoke or have children and pets, you may need carpet cleaning more often—cigarette smoke, food spills from children, and pet hair can all get absorbed into your carpet. Occasionally, this debris trapped in your carpet can even affect your air quality. Our carpet cleaners are trained and experienced, so no matter how much dirt your kids track through your house, we’ll leave your home looking and feeling much fresher.

Set an Appointment
Does your carpet need some extra attention? Call FDC Cleaning Solutions at 1-800-916-6782 or fill out our online contact form—we’ll get back to you promptly. We’ll answer your questions and set an appointment at your home for a time that works for you.

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If you like, our trained professionals can provide other services for your home while we’re there, including cleaning your area rugs, tile grout, furniture, and air ducts. Once we’ve come, you’ll enjoy a fresher, cleaner home. Contact us FDC Cleaning Solutions today to get started!

What to Expect When We Clean Your Carpets
Our technicians will walk through the cleaning job with you to make sure we know exactly what work is to be done and we will tell you exactly how much it will cost. At any time, you may ask for an estimate of the many services we offer.

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Cleaning services include all of the following at no additional charge:

• Base Board/ Crevice vacuum when needed.

• Pre- Spot particularly bad spots with concentrated biodegradable cleaning agent suited to the types of spots or stains that may exist. It is something like pre-spotting stains in clothing before putting them in the washing machine.

• Pre-conditioning the Carpet is a process where the cleaner sprays down a cleaning solution that breaks up the grease and oily substances and the heavy soil in the carpet for deep steam extraction. This is a biodegradable substance and completely secure for people to breathe, walk on, or play on.

• Deep Steam Extraction – This is the process that deep cleans your carpet. This is the most important process of all and if not done by a professionally trained technician your carpet could be over wet. We use the most powerful truck-mounted extraction system available to remove the most soil and moisture. This method leaves your carpet FRESH, CLEAN, FLUFFY AND HEALTHY with no residue! Estimated dry time is 4 to 6 hours depending on carpet type and humidity levels.

• Fluff Rake Carpet to remove any footprints or shadows.

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