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FDC Cleaning Solutions, services homes and businesses in areas of Belmar itself! Here at FDC Cleaning Solutions, we clean for a purpose larger than simply cleaning. That purpose is to fix a problem for a person and make your life easier by lifting that dirty worry off your back! We are driven to understand the needs of each client and work in a way that meets those needs. Your satisfaction is important to us.

FDC Cleaning Solutions: Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Belmar

Our FDC Cleaning Solutions technicians are experienced, ready to clean, and ready to solve any of your carpet cleaning issues

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Our services go above and beyond any traditional carpet cleaning service that you may have been familiar with in the past. Many traditional carpet cleaning methods include the use of soaps or detergents to extract dirt from carpet fibers. They mix the soap with hot water and push it into the carpet with high pressure.

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This process does a good job of drawing out all the dirt and grime from within the carpet fibers – but in exchange for leaving behind the soapy detergent particles embedded deep within the carpet. When soap is left behind and dries into the carpet, it results in crunchy carpet! You don’t deserve that – you were trying to get your carpet cleaned, not make the carpet worse! The residues left behind from soap or chemicals can even be a bit sticky, attracting even more dirt. Crunchy carpets full of dried soaps and chemicals have the potential of harming children or pets that are constantly making contact with your carpet, causing irritation to the skin in the form of rashes or itching.

If you prefer soft carpet over crunchy carpet and want to avoid the possibility of your carpet making you itchy – call the FDC Cleaning Solutions professionals and schedule an appointment today.

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FDC Cleaning Solutions offers you cleaning services that are more effective than traditional cleaning methods, yet our services create environments that are completely safe for you, children, and pets. Here is how the FDC Cleaning Solutions cleaning process works: First, we pre-treat your carpet by using a non-toxic, food-grade enzyme that eliminates unpleasant smells instead of simply masking them.

Next, we use counter-rotating brushes to lift out any dirt, hair, or other nasties that might be deeply embedded in your carpet. These brushes get junk out of your carpet that vacuums can’t reach! Then, we clean the area with our patented wand and Powered Water.

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Our wand is designed to completely rinse the carpet fibers without ever flooding the carpet padding, and the Powered Water® solution is completely safe for kids and pets (it contains NO soap or chemicals!). Lastly, with our process, your carpets will dry up to 2 times faster than our competitors! You and your family will be back on your soft, cleaned carpet in no time.

For a cleaning that gets more out, dries faster, and stays cleaner longer, schedule your appointment with FDC Cleaning Solutions today!

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