Are you unsatisfied with the results of a cleaning service you employ? Unlike most business cleaning service companies, we have no contracts! Our highly skilled technicians know they must work hard every day to retain our clientele. We stop at nothing to keep your property spotless! Schedule a free consultation to find out how we deliver on our promise without any strings or conditions attached.

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Our total team of experienced business cleaning professionals will leave your space looking better than expected. We provide the customer service you’d expect from a small business while having the capability of a multi-faceted empire. Contact us today for home repair & remodeling, carpet cleaning, property maintenance, remediation, and emergency services near you. We provide commercial, industrial and residential services throughout all of Dunellen, NJ and more.

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Most people know the least-hygienic place in their building is the bathroom, but few know where—besides the toilet—most bacteria is actually hiding. The dirtiest place in a public bathroom isn’t the toilet (that’s #2), but sinks. Studies suggest 1 out of every 10 restrooms harbors salmonella and fecal bacteria. If you’re viewing this page on a computer – look at the letter G in the center of your keyboard. On that key (and each letter key) there are an estimated 17,000 organisms. So how do we clean the dirtiest places in your office?

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Maintaining clean windows not only keeps them looking professional to your business’s clients and employees, it is also an investment that saves you money long-term. The majority of heating and air conditioning you pay for may be lost through your building’s windows. From stripping and waxing vinyl floors to hardwood floor refinishing, we’ve got the machines and skilled staff to make your floors look perfect. Ask how we create a mirror-like finish all year long, even through New England’s harsh winters.

Have you been holding off on cleaning out a closet or getting rid of bulky items? Let us do all the heavy lifting! Our staff will properly dispose of all materials including: recyclable, electronic, and hazardous products.

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Installing hands-free devices is the best way to keep illness-related costs down and ensure hand sanitation is effective in your workspace. Not solely for the comfort of your customers, cleaning your bathroom is a business investment. From motion-sensor sinks to hands-free soap dispensers and automatic paper towel dispensers, we are your one-stop sanitation solution.” Cleaning tile floors by hand is most often a difficult and frustrating task. Using a mop and bucket with dirty water results in residue left on your tiles and grout. In order to prevent tiles from cracking, pores in grout allow for expansion and contraction with temperature. However, those same pores also collect dirt, spills, and bacteria. Due to the dirt and bacteria living between the tiles, most grout lines in high traffic areas appear shades darker than the original color.

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Sometimes the traditional mop and bucket just aren’t enough. If they were, flu epidemics wouldn’t sweep the country each year; travelers and moms wouldn’t fear large restrooms; and we wouldn’t hear news stories of entire schools shut down due to illnesses. In addition to taking less time than a traditional mop and bucket, a touch-free sanitation system properly sanitizes your space. Reduce risk and accidental exposure by having one of our trained bloodborne pathogen crews clean up the mess. With the proper containment, sanitation, and PPE, we ensure that your risk is eliminated. Most accidents for this service are unexpected, so our crews are available 24/7.

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