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Have you come up short looking for office cleaners? Can’t find the janitorial service you desire because your previous janitorial companies have not shown you the dedication you require?

Welcome to FDC Cleaning Solutions. A force within the janitorial community and throughout the New Jersey Monmouth County we are “#1 Choice” in janitorial service. Hiring a professional cleaner with the experience is what you will get from FDC CLEANING SOLUTIONS.

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Since 1999, we have serviced New Jersey and most every city in the whole Monmouth County with high quality/dependable janitorial services. Your search is now complete for a business cleaning service provider ! From Tech companies, to child enrichment facilities, to medical and dental offices in the City of New Jersey.

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Office Cleaning in New Jersey? We’ve got you covered…

You’ll get a smart approach to complete and fulfilling business cleaning services. Right from the start. You’ll expect personalized cleaning amenities that will meet your needs from a full-service janitorial service company. FDC CLEANING SOLUTIONS provides professional janitorial services for a diverse array of companies including:

Offices – Multiplex buildings to single office suites
Retail companies, car dealers, retail shops, cafes, and restaurants.
Dental and Medical offices
Bio-Tech offices, labs and small clean rooms
High-tech software and hardware companies
Financial Institutions
Preschools and other child enrichment and development centers
Car Dealerships

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It’s not much to ask for… a detailed and well-developed system to clean your facility, is it? A particular plan should be established to meet your specific requirements. You will be given all the assistance you need, and our personal/detailed plan has the attention to detail that you would expect from a professional janitorial company.

Being at our best, will make you look your best. We understand this.

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Our Strengths

The success of our client’s operations depends on the overall strength of the crew assigned to clean their office. FDC CLEANING SOLUTIONS understands this and is why we have the most successful “Cleaners” in Monmouth County janitorial services. With our dedicated representatives we provide one-on-one service which reflects our delivery of outstanding industry standard cleaning through our field crews.

Providing training programs, the knowledge of our office team, and the use of state-of-the-art technology, we ensure efficient service at a high quality each and every day.

Training Procedures

Each time we enter your office we ensure that we know what we are doing. Our complete training program is made to meet YOUR specific needs, assuring managers, janitors, and sub-contractors are versed in correct procedures and safe implementation at each level of operational field work – from the beginning, to material maintenance, and cleaning chemical application. Safety meetings are maintained regularly to clarify, and review material previously received in training meetings.

Single Focus
Customers need to concentrate on their business – basic operations, displaying their brand and know that they are working in a clean and safe environment. Janitorial service should not be in their thoughts daily as their expectations require this as an automatic. We understand…… and singularly focus our attention to our customers.

Details Matter

FDC CLEANING SOLUTIONS ensures excellence in janitorial services and the operational execution of these services which, in turn allows your business to run smoothly and effortlessly. Forced by the expectations of our clients are services are ignited by excellent service know-how, the to-date tools needed to operate using our experienced janitors. We have reliable, innovative and sustainable solutions covering a wide variety of businesses.

You are detail-oriented…. And we get that!
No matter the scope of work needed, we tailor our expanded contract services to our customers requested specifications. We, therefore, meet client’s needs with relational competence that gives you the best results at a reduced rate.

Also, we meet the scope of work required by our customers including budgetary scheduling, quality of service and metrics. It all boils down to the attention we provide our clients as we focus our attention to building relationships that will be long-lasting and uncompromising.



If you’ve had cleaning companies that fail you in both experience and quality, or if you have ever been frustrated with the lack of communication from your janitor, service manager or billing, then it’s time to for relief! Let us take that burden away by hiring a janitorial company that really cares about quality. You will be hiring a professional cleaning company with open and detailed, customized services.

We have access to over 60 professional cleaning companies that are experienced professionals who understand the importance of keeping you happy. This requires a constant attention to detail. A vast amount of our satisfied customers has multiple locations, and we have one person to communicate with on a consistent basis, offer consolidated pricing, and complete supply management.
Your best choice for Janitorial Services

FDC CLEANING SOLUTIONS also provides extra services that include strip and waxing, carpet cleaning, buffing, sealing and window cleaning so your office will feel and smell fresh, professional, and feel clean once again.

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